Our Monday – 19 October 2015 (Another Haze Holiday)

Today is yet another emergency Government declared haze holiday (19 Oct 2015). Latest news which I’ve just received from Alycia’s classmate via Messenger is that schools will remain closed tomorrow (Tuesday, 20 October 2015).  Take note parents!

Since the girls’ final exam is over, I don’t feel the stress of yet another haze holiday. When I told them about the holiday last night, they were jumping and screaming in joy! They aborted their plan to go to bed early and joined their daddy to watch 2 movies (Mall Cop 2 and Night At The Museum 3) way till midnight and pecked on daddy’s bowl of Korean instant noodles.

This morning #2 and #3 tagged along with me to the bank.  After banking, we had breakfast at our favorite Indian restaurant. Someone pretended not to hear me hollering at her to wake up, so we left home without her and I did not take-away anything for her breakfast as well. Hubs ain’t happy with her at all!

I am so chafed with my part-time helper today.  Just a moment ago, she gave me another last-minute no turn-up notice… after I was done boiling a pot of soup and finished preparing all the ingredients for cooking dinner and waiting for her to come!  But I ain’t going to be a spoilsport who sulks. I have to learn to live a stress-free life even if that means without her help. The girls will be roped in to help around in the kitchen and  house.  Silver lining is that I save RM40 for each day that she doesn’t turn up!  KACHINGGGGGG *$$$$* 😀


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One thought on “Our Monday – 19 October 2015 (Another Haze Holiday)

  1. hope the haze problem will clear away soon at the affected areas..we are lucky to have rains these few days to chase away the haze a bit. ..Sports day is coming up in school for our girls hope the rain and the haze will not disrupt the activities.

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