No More Fever, YAY!!

Cass’ high fever has finally subsided today, Praise The Lord! 🙂

Just now…

Cass – mummy, I am going to be so left behind in class.

Me – it’s ok. I can revise with you at home.

And so here she is, sipping Izumio while doing some test papers that I printed for her.

Just last night, I was contemplating if I should give her just one last suppository so that we could both have a restful night. My sleep has been interrupted every night and I feel terribly frazzled. Last night, Cass still had a fever of 38.5 – 39 degrees Celsius. Thankfully I trusted my motherly instinct. And my confidence and trust that the hydrogen infused water would help to bring the fever down.  Again, it has not failed me.

Yesterday Cass downed 5 packets of Izumio. She had very little appetite and didn’t eat much. This morning, Cass had an explosive poo poo (watery) and thereafter, her temperature slowly glided down from 38+C and now it’s a good reading at 37C. Her body does not feel like burning coal anymore. It was as though the explosive poo poo was some kind of major detoxing of all the nasties from her body.  Just 2 days ago, it was hovering at 40+C which distressed me more than her.

Cass’ appetite is still lame today. That’s uncharacteristic of her. She always has a ravenous appetite and eats more than all of us. But after 2 days of being ‘burnt’, her innards need time to heal and spring back into action. I asked Cass what she felt like eating today and guess what her request was? Bitter gourd pork noodles from our favorite stall!  Of all things, she requested for something bitter!  She enjoyed her bowl of bitter gourd vermicelli thoroughly, which she split into two servings with a rest in between the 2 meals.  Ironically, the only food that I could stomach when I was pregnant with Alycia (with really awful all-day sickness) was bitter gourd soup!  Talk about freaky taste buds!


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