Dark Chocolate Muesli With Skinny Yoghurt

Today I had quite a heavy breakfast of bitter gourd and pork yee mee. I also pecked at hubby’s char siew and roast chicken.

Being a flexitarian, my meat quota for today is almost met and I know the hubby is going to bring us to devour on a carnivorous dinner tonight.  If I bust my meat quota for the day, it will make me feel really cloy and bloated.  Thus, I had something light yet yummy for lunch today! 🙂

I had skinny sugar-and-preservative-free yoghurt with dark chocolate muesli, organic five grain crackers, organic black sesame crackers, roast pumpkin seeds and a teaspoon of Pic’s almond butter. I also shared half a raw green bell pepper with Alycia.  Raw green bell pepper is the latest addition to my clean eating diet.

Of all the brands of muesli that I have tried, I like Emco brand (imported from Czech Republic) best in terms of texture, taste and price.

I am sure many of you have cheat days during the weekend where you indulge in everything and anything that your heart desires.  Don’t forget to go easy on the portion and don’t stuff yourself silly. And don’t forget to eat clean again for the next five days.  Happy weekend everyone!


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