Our Tuesday – 12 July 2016

Once or twice a week, the hubs and I will steal some time from our busy schedule to have breakfast together, when the girls are in school.  We tend to communicate better without the kids ka-ka-cau-cau (disturbing) and distracting our train of thoughts 😀

Yesterday, I fetched the hubs from his office and then sent my car to the Indian fellas at the alley to have a wash and vacuum.  It’s our weekly routine to do that – send our cars for wash and then have breakfast at a nearby cafe or coffee shop. Our favorite is this Indian restaurant that whips up really good nasi Briyani and rotis.

I will usually order my favorite tosai rawa but yesterday, I had quite a bit of mil’s delish homemade scones for breakfast, thus didn’t order tosai rawa.  Hubs was as hungry as a wolf who hadn’t eaten for days. He ordered a huge plate of nasi Briyani piled high up with mutton curry, two Bull’s Eyes eggs, chicken curry, a big piece of fried chicken (not in picture as he wolfed it down in a jiffy!) big head bean sprouts and spinach.  I walloped the spinach and pecked on his nasi Briyani.  The plate of curried rice and meat were DIVINE! If only I had a metabolism that drudges super fast even without working out so hard 5x a week, I really wouldn’t mind whacking these babies 2-3 times in a week!  I love Indian food.

Looking at this picture makes my tummy growl now.  I am now thinking of packing nasi Briyani and tosai rawa for lunch tomorrow. 😛  I know Drama Queen and Cass will second my decision. Thanks to the hydrogen infused water and carotenoids supplements that we drink and pop daily, we no longer get heaty easily after having curry or heaty food 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Our Tuesday – 12 July 2016

  1. That is so nice you and hubby get some alone time. The food pics made me hungry too! I like eating out with my hubby too as he puts away food like he just got out of jail. He’d make me order a larger portion of pasta etc so he can have some of mine. However, makes me look like a piggy! The kids also joke that if they look away from their food for a split second, he thinks they are done and start picking at their plates! And he hasn’t changed in size since before being married. Life is so not fair!

    1. Your hubs and mine will hit if off if they meet at a good eatery. Both likes to eat. Yr hubs is so lucky to have a super efficient metabolic rate. I wish mine works faster so that I can eat more! lol!

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