My Saturday – 24 Sept 2016

After dropping Drama Queen at the tuition centre this morning, Cass and I had breakfast at our favorite supermarket to try out the food at a new stall that popped up just a few days ago.  It sells curry noodles, porridge, yam cake, tong sui, chicken balls and some deep fried delights.

Cass had porridge while I had curry noodles. Food was very tasty and betcha know why – they were loaded with salt and MSG!  Gawd, the chicken balls, curry noodles and porridge were super salty my tongue felt numb!  Our poor kidneys, hope they won’t get overworked with the overload of salt.  Cass and I have been pumping ourselves with so much water since we got home this morning.

After breakfast, we went grocery shopping.  The price of one staple item in my kitchen has skyrocketed since a month ago.  My favorite natural food enhancer – the garlic, is now something that not everyone can afford and will buy.  Garlic is now priced at RM14.99 for 1 kg, whereas big onions only cost RM2.99 for 1 kg.  Naturally, this stingy el cheapo ah soh has been boycotting garlic for about 2 weeks now. Why do I have to pay 5 times more for garlic?  The girls and I don’t mind having onions in all our dishes anyway.  Onions are from the same family as garlic anyway, and have the same potency and flavors.  I am going to stick with onions until the price of garlic comes down 😛

Pictured here is Drama Queen helping Cass with her Chinese language homework. See how bossy the Queen is.  Walaueh, I even had to bribe her for help *shakes head*

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