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Call me a dungu but I only just found out from my sifu that there is now Whatsapp on Web. Yup, Whatsapp Chat can be downloaded onto your desktop computer and laptop. Have you been Whatsapping from your desktop computer too?

No wonder la, she can always reply me at lighting speed with really long messages! She’s been typing from her desktop keyboard while chatting on Whatsapp.  And I was wondering how she can type so fast.

I have never liked to use Whatsapp coz of the tiny keyboard on my phone. And darn the annoying auto-correct spelling which makes typing such a nuisance. Now I can Whatsapp friends and customers from my computer at lightning speed!

Just go to Whatsapp.com and download the app onto your computer. Then there will be a code for you to scan using your android phone from the Whatsapp Chat menu of your android phone. I was stuck with scanning the code and I went to You Tube for visual help. Within seconds of bringing my phone to my desktop screen, TING and the Whatsapp chat appeared on my computer… like a magic wand doing its magic work! Amazing!!

Try it and see.  The whole process won’t take you 5 minutes now that I have told you  how to do it 😀



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