Darn The Antibiotics

A few days after starting my course of antibiotics, I started to have stomach discomfort and gastric-like pains.  I used to be able to stomach hunger and hardly ever suffer from gastric.  However, after starting the course of antibiotics, my stomach cannot be left empty, not even partially empty, else I would have severe nauseous feeling and weird painful jabs poking my stomach from within.  And the antibiotics have caused me to have aversion to spicy food. Imagine having aversion to my favorite type of food.  The feeling I get now is similar to what I felt during the first trimester of my pregnancies.  I now have to take plenty of small meals throughout the day, like I’m preggers.

How I hate taking antibiotics!  And drugs of all kinds.  Drugs make me sick to the pit of my stomach.  Tried as you might, sometimes diseases triumphant over your immune system and the only way to heal is by taking drugs.  For me, it’s a case of do or die.  Antibiotics are needed to stop the tubal infection.

Two days ago, after eating half a packet of Mee Siam for lunch, I started to have gastric-like pains and almost threw up several hours later.  At the dining table, I struggled really hard to  control myself from puking while I tried to put some food into my stomach.  I tried really  hard to condition my brain to control myself from barfing.

The mil had cooked all the dishes that I heart but the sight of the dishes made my stomach churn.  After  I struggled to down half a bowl of fried rice with ginger + bell pepper + eggs, I felt much better but the sight of the turmeric fried fish and blanched organic ferns made me sick.  I could not even look at them.

I sat at the dining table for almost an hour  just to eat a quarter of the fish and a few strands of ferns.   The slow chewing and swallowing of food made me feel better after an hour.  Just when the nauseous feeling faded, it was time again for me to swallow my next dose of antibiotic tab, WTF!

When I had no more nauseous feeling the next morning, I heated up the yummy fish in the toaster and ate it for breakfast.

3.5 more days to go and I am finally free from antibiotics.  I’m counting down my days patiently and then it’ll be time for me to resume my roselle and passion fruit kefir to pump in good bacteria into my guts.


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