Grocery Bill 2

Shopping for groceries is my almost daily affair. I get my dose of retail therapy even if it means shopping for groceries, in a chic and clean air conditioned supermarket that is, where I can get everything that I want and not in a stinky and hot wet market  😏 I know I am spoilt like that. But I do get sick of grocery shopping at times, especially when I know that the bill is going to break the bank, like when I need to get a bottle of extra virgin olive oil on top of a bottle of organic raw honey, a pack of organic blue pea + lemon grass tea, organic pork, fruits, et al. Imagine getting all these in a day and you haven’t even bought lunch, petrol and grab some stuff from the pharmacy. And the tuition and piano fees and it’s just the first week of the month. Wait, the van transporters’ fare too! Horror!

This is my grocery bill on 9 April 2018:

Only 10 items and the damage is RM100.19.  Remember the cheese that I bought on 5 April 2018? The moment I brought the groceries home, someone who was about to pack lunch to school quietly ripped off the packet of cheese and put 2 slices of cheese on only ONE slice of bread.  She got a tongue lashing from me and what do I know? Within 3 days, the packet of cheese was finished and none left for me. None!! Thank God I don’t really fancy cheese. It’s confirmed. I am living with a bunch of piranhas!  So honey, you see again? Your money has gone to these carnivorous piranhas on a feeding frenzy!

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6 thoughts on “Grocery Bill 2

  1. With the conversion, I think we would pay the same here too. Which is why I don’t do organic!😜
    I do love visiting wet markets but go real early before it gets too hot. One time in Penang, I was jet lagged and walked to Chowrasta Market at 6am. It was really nice to see the vendors setting up their stalls etc. And I love to eat the food from the coffee shops there. 3 more sleeps till the trip….

    1. I am excited for you Chris! Balik kampung to Malaysia Boleh lol! Are you going to vote?
      I miss Penang and the food. It’s a nice place to stay and I don’t mind staying in Penang when I retire… by the beach.

  2. I totally understand how you feel. I am on keto now…for a year already and my grocery bill is high too 🙁

  3. Oops, can’t vote cos I gave up my citizenship eons ago! I did get asked why at Immigration in the early days and I just simply said I couldn’t get a job in my line of work. I even said I was lucky that Canada did. That nicely shut the guy up. Similar situation our first family trip to Aust; everyone got through and they stopped me. They asked why I didn’t change my name to my husband’s. I looked them straight in the eye and said that he didn’t change his name either. No further questions!

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