Handy Girl In The House

Drama Queen can be another vomit-blood inducing kid of mine but what makes her different from her two sisters is that I can always count on her to help me out. She helps with house work, is always the one who helps her dad reheat his food (and washes the dishes) when he comes home late for dinner and is my trustworthy handy girl. She can be quite the trophy-daughter, sans the argumentative and sometimes arrogant demeanour.

Drama Queen is one handy girl in the house. These days she helps with assembling all my assemble-yourself home appliances and furniture.  On Saturday, my purchase of a mini computer desk from Lazada arrived. Thankfully the handy girl had just returned from Taekwondo and I summoned her help to set up the desk.  In under 30 minutes, my handy girl successfully assembled the computer desk, complete with wheels, just like a PRO!



Last Friday, our regular  organic vegetables supplier delivered organic durians to us. My handy girl volunteered to open up the durians so that her crazy mum can have durians for breakfast 😆.  It was her first time opening durians and she beat me hands down to it!

Not only can my handy girl bake the world’s tastiest meat pie and chocolate brownie, she can whip up ice-cream too!  Yesterday she made  banana ice-cream with only 1 ingredient ~ frozen bananas (she’s been collecting overripe bananas and  freezes them for her recipes), with no cream and no whipping.

Overripe bananas that Sherilyn collects for her smoothies, banana pancakes, banana muffins and banana ice-cream:


My dessert for lunch today is banana ice-cream with toasted pecans! Yummo!!

Not bad for a 13-year old girl who behaves like she’s a feisty 18-year old. Don’t play play with this girl. She can be a fighting cock if you step on her toe  ☺

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