Blood Test

Cass had to do another round of blood test today as the first blood test last week showed  two things:
1. She has an allergy. Another test is needed to diagnose what she is allergic to.
2. Her blood looks ‘fatty’

Kidney function, blood sugar, etc look A-OK.  The ultrasound scan of her kidneys shows growth in her kidneys and no scarring. Thank God for these.

Her paed asked me if we have a family history of high cholesterol and bingo! I have it.  Everyone from my side of the family has genetic high cholesterol. Even with a healthy and strict diet, my cholesterol reading is at 6. My youngest brother who has six-pack abs who exercises daily has genetic high cholesterol too.

So what if Cass has high cholesterol too? She will then have to be on a diet fit for someone with high cholesterol. I told her that she would then have to eat like me. I doubt she has the discipline to stick to this kind of diet, coming from my ‘tidak apa’ kid. What what other choice does she have? Do or die la.

The blood test wasn’t really that necessary. Her paed told me that no action is necessary and if I am concerned, I could have a blood work done when Cass is 15 or 16 years old. But coming from a super anxious hypochondriac mom, I can’t wait for 5 – 6 more years.  The hubs is also one who doesn’t like to play the wait-and-see game on matters concerning the health of his 3 princesses; he urged me to bring Cass for the blood test this week.

That’s another RM500 damage done today. Last week’s damage was about RM700. All these are not claimable from insurance.

My ‘tidak apa’ kid with the “needles are tidak apa punya (never mind one)” attitude when blood was drawn.

This ‘tidak apa’ kid whose 2nd home used to be the hospital throughout her babyhood felt no pain when the syringe was poked into her hand. See, she’s thick skin too!

The paed ordered this 36 types of allergies test and blood lipid test to be carried out today.

After the blood test, we had brunch at Antipodean @ Bangsar.  It’s been years since we last went there.

Within a short span of one month, I have to make 5 trips to Pantai Hospital. It will be another one week of anxious waiting for me before the results are out. But for my ‘tidak apa’ kid, life goes on as usual. She tells me that she loves visiting the hospital as it’s like going to the mall as we can hang out at Starbucks, Subway, Borders, MBG Fruits and PappaRich. But for me, I wish I never have to go to hospitals again.

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2 thoughts on “Blood Test

  1. Although it would be good to be aware of allergies, I think one would still need to have a balanced outlook ( of course I am not talking of anaphylactic reactions) . I am officially allergic to cats/ dogs/ dust. Have had cats all my life and would not change that ever. I just make sure I don’t touch the cat and then rub my eyes. I feel I am most reactive in the spring when the pollen is around but do not officially have an allergy to that. Go figure!

    1. Hey Chris! Get what you mean. I am also allergic to dust, smoke, pollen, etc. But I can keep my allergy under control most of the time. This explains why I am a clean freak at home ~ always moping and wiping as I cannot have too much dust in the house.

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