Stunning Lightning Photos

Drama Queen managed to capture some videos of lightning about 2 weeks ago when there was a rare display of continuous lightning in the sky that evening.

She initially tried to capture the photos with her phone’s camera but it was extremely difficult as the lighting zapped at unpredictable intervals in split seconds, which I think no camera feature on any phone can capture a picture-perfect shot.

With the creativity in her, she stood at the balcony and patiently video shot the lighting episodes for a good 20-30 minutes using her phone. Then she did a still screenshot of the video on the lightning parts and Whatsapp-ed the photos to my phone. What we really love about our Huawei phones is that it is extremely easy to take screenshots with just two knocks on the phone screen with our finger.

Enjoy the stunning lightning photos. I wager that if there’s a photo competition on natural scenes, Drama Queen’s lightning photos will bag the top three prizes!

These are such amazingly beautiful photos of God’s creation!


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2 thoughts on “Stunning Lightning Photos

  1. I believe there is an app called “slow shutter” or something like that. My friend thankfully had it and used it to take pics of the northern lights when we were in Iceland. I took pics on my iPhone which turned out to be just black! Not sure if the app would improve your daughter’s pics as they look pretty good now.

    1. Hey Chris, thanks for the suggestion. I tried to Google for Slow Shutter app for android but can’t find any free download for this app. Would be good if there’s an easy-to-use app for taking pix of moving objects. I think I’ll bring along my DSLR camera if I go to Iceland, to capture beautiful pix of the aurora 😀

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