2018 Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Drama Queen and Cass have been badgering hubs and me to bring them to the 2018 Big Bad Wolf (BBW) book sale since the sale started on 7 December.  BBW is the world’s biggest book sale, with a 75% – 95% discount off retail prices for all their books across all genres. But I was reluctant to bring them to the sale as I have bought the girls quite a bit of books since the school holidays started from Popular and MPH.

But our Drama Queen had a crafty plan cooking in her head to get herself to the sale.  First she got her friend who was going to the BBW sale to help her get some books. With that, she qualified herself to take part in the BBW KL 2018: Book Haul Contest.  In this giveaway contest, 20 daily winners with the most creative entries (photos) will get a RM50 BBW book voucher.  Our Drama Queen submitted two entries on the last 3 days of the BBW Sale and both her entries were selected!

These are her winning entry photos:

When Drama Queen won the first BBW RM50 voucher, I told her that I was still not bringing her to the sale. I told her that it would be penny wise pound foolish to spend over RM50 on Grab to bring us to MIECC  @ Sri Kembangan just to utilize the RM50 voucher and I was certain that she and her sisters would surely trick me into spending another RM100 or more. But she wasn’t giving up hope yet. She submitted more entries the next day and continued badgering me to bring her to the sale.  I finally agreed to bring her to the sale on condition that she has to win another RM50 BBW voucher to make our trip worthwhile.

Lady luck was certainly on Drama Queen’s side. She won another voucher the next day, which was the last day of the sale! And I have to keep my words of bringing her there.  But I was still really reluctant to go all the way to MIECC as it was already past noon when the results were  announced. And at that time, our dear Drama Queen was busy in the kitchen whipping up some organic nutty butter (Almond+Brazil+Cashew) as gift for her granny when we go back to Ipoh on Friday.

Drama Queen encountered a glitch with our Blendtec blender whilst blitzing the nuts on the last day of the BBW sale. The blender got overheated and auto-shutdown! And we didn’t have enough organic grapeseed oil at home.  She had to remove the nutty paste from the blender, let the motor cool down, clean up the mess the kitchen  before we left the house by Grab at 5:15 p.m.  She only managed to fix the nut butter the next day.

In KL, any time from 4:30 – 7 p.m. would be the worst time of the day to go anywhere as traffic will be at its peak. But we had no other choice as it was already the last day of the sale and it would be a waste to bin the two RM50 vouchers.

So I had to take the bull by its horns and be prepared to get stuck in the jam all the way to MIECC and all the way back home.  We only reached home at 8:30 pm and had a really late dinner.

Jamming all the way to MIECC from KL:

And jammed all the way back home after a heavy downpour. In the Klang Valley, traffic gets monstrous after a heavy downpour, especially at peak hours in the morning and evening.

Two very, very happy larks:

Checking their treasure. Our girls love their books more than they love me 🙄

Towards the checkout counter, Cass found a big piece of treasure ~ a super thick and huge Sherlock Holmes book at only RM18!!  Normal price for this book should be above RM100.

The BBW Sale this time was really good, better than the one we went to three years ago.  All the adult novels were selling from between RM10 – RM18 each.  Drama Queen and Cass found what they were looking for.  But Cass was a tad disappointed that all the Harry Potter books were sold out. I got workbooks for Cass at only a Ringgit each. I could have hauled more but it was already late and we were all hungry.

Behind the scenes of the winning photos:

As both Alycia and Cass helped in the photography, they get a small share of the vouchers too! 🤩


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