27 Dec 2020 ~ Donation To Stepping Stones Living Centre by The Girls

When Sherilyn won RM500 in cash as 3rd prize in an online talent competition organized by an international school in May this year, the principal of the school asked her via Zoom how she’d like to spend the money. Sherilyn told him that she would use part of the winning to donate to a charitable cause of her choice. Today she finally executed her pledge and baked Christmas cookies for the 50 residents of Stepping Stones Living Centre, a shelter for underprivileged children, women and senior citizens.

When Alycia and Cass heard that we’re going to the shelter home today, they were very eager to donate too, with the ang pow money they’d received for their birthday and Christmas.  We went to the supermarket to get soft drinks, bread, kaya and jam. The girls also donated their prized collection of novels and new but unused stationery.  It’s OK that their contribution is small, what matters most is that they contributed from their heart and I want them to have a compassionate and charitable heart.

My hurdle of the day – I had no frigging idea where the shelter home was. Mil kept urging me to send the goodies via Grab as she knew my sense of direction sucks  and it was already 6pm but I wanted to bring the girls there personally.  The girls and I then checked the direction, satellite images and images of the shelter online. And guess what? Cass told me reassuringly that she knew where the place is. She said that her school transporter used to pass by the shelter home everyday and told me to trust her! Honestly, I had no confidence in this rascal but since she sounded so reassuring, I had to trust her for once.  Cass even reassured me that if her direction was wrong, she would pay the Grab fare to bring the goodies there.

On our way to the shelter home ~ When Cass directed me to enter a short cut road with two NO ENTRANCE ⛔️  signages ⛔️and commented that her aunty J did that everyday for years, I was like “What? You will fail your driving undang-undang test next time if you answered that this sign means one can enter!” 😅  We were all so happy that we found the place effortlessly in less than 10 minutes!  The short cut route shortens the drive by at least 15 minutes.  Great job to Cass for recognizing the images of the shelter home from Google Maps.

A few hours before we were to leave for the shelter home, Sherilyn asked me to bring her to the bakery to get white chocolate to decorate the cookies (melted white choc mixed with blue food coloring) so that they look more festive for the underprivileged residents.

Eleventh hour shopping for snacks as Alycia and Cass said that they wanted to donate too.

The cookie-baking marathon started 3 days ago and Sherilyn had to bake hundreds of them in different flavors.

Everyone chipped in to help pack the cookies.

We had dinner at Seng Kee Kitchen, our favorite tai chow restaurant after we left the shelter home. It’s our first dining in at this restaurant after many months.

I’m super proud of my girls. I didn’t know that they’re so charitable and generous. They’re even planning their next donation drive to another shelter home early next year, using their ang pow money ❤️


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2 thoughts on “27 Dec 2020 ~ Donation To Stepping Stones Living Centre by The Girls

  1. What an extraordinary and selfless thing your girls did! Yes, you should be so very proud of them! Empathy is something difficult to teach kids these days and such an important quality to have. Previously I had mentioned making donations vs Xmas presents and I think you thought the other person has to do the same. It doesn’t but of course they can donate as well. This year we made about 10 donations online, yay!

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