CMCM Day 205 ~ Thursday, 31 December 2020

2020 came and went in a flash. No event was as significant this year as COVID-19, the first pandemic in a century.  As we now put 2020 behind us and move on to a hopefully brighter and better year, it’s worth looking back to remember what we’ve lost, what we’ve gained and what we’ve learned.

The year started off very well for us until March 18 when our newly appointed PM announced a partial lockdown to curb the spread of Covid-19.  From the day the MCO started until now, everything happened in a flash. It sure was a very dizzying  turbulent year for me.  Lots of bad events and news greeted us, one after another.   There were some good news too of course.  Things that we never thought would happen, happened to us. Things that we’ve always taken for granted were snatched away from us without warning.  Our freedom, gatherings with friends and loved ones, schooling for the kids, our jobs, source of income and even breathing freely ~ these were snatched away from many of us mercilessly. The unlucky ones lost their jobs and even their lives. Hubs is still hanging on to his catering business, but with two wings clipped, it’s hard to move further – until and unless social gatherings are allowed again.

But we’re still considered a little luckier than many folks.  Our friends in the aviation and tourism industries have been jobless.  There are now two street vendors in my neighborhood who were previously in the tourism sectors (one was a tour guide and the other an owner of a tour company). They’re now selling kuih and vegetables while waiting for the tourism industry to recover. I’m constantly thinking about Cass’ aunty J, our girls’ school van driver of 10 years who only earned 4 months of income this year and she’s a single mother.  This year also saw the untimely passing of a few good friends and the unfortunate news that one of our close friends has colorectal cancer.  Today I found out that a good friend’s family members have tested positive for Covid-19 and they were whisked away in an ambulance to Hospital Sg Buloh.

This year during our time spent indoors, I’ve picked up a new skill ~ hairdressing!  I’ve cut Cass’ hair twice and my skill is getting better.  Cass now has neck-length hair and I cut her waist-length hair effortlessly just the other day. Her critical sisters have been praising her on how good she now looks in her new hair style 😁

Today I went to Cass’ school to return her school books and to collect her school leaving cert, report card, trophies, t-shirt and other certs.  As I walked out of SJKC Kuen Cheng 2, I felt a sentimental attachment creep over me.  I couldn’t believe that after 10 good years,  I will most likely never walk into this school again after today. Our 3 girls have created so much happy memories and friends in this school.  I’ve made friends with their friends’ parents and I still keep in touch with some of the teachers.

How was your Coronavirus year? No matter how bad it’s been, remember that this is only temporary.  Things will look up soon. I’m telling myself this everyday. The vaccines will be out in February 2021 and our PM and the frontliners will be the first to get them, followed by senior citizens and those with compromised health before the rest of us get it.   I pray that Covid-19 will completely die out by next year and our lives will return to normal. I’m so tired of being masked up in this never-ending masquerade.

I’d like to wish everyone a better, happier and safer 2021.  In a few minutes it will be 2021. I’m full of new hope for 2021.

Happy New Year!

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