Christmas Dinner ~ 25 December 2020

We had a small pot bless Christmas party attended by immediate family members from hubby’s side today.  The last time we had a gathering was in February this year during CNY.  Relatives from New Zealand, UK, Taiwan and HK were absent this year. Nonetheless, it was a great reunion of the Yaps at our yearly Christmas dinner with the usual roast turkey with stuffing, glazed ham, pigs in a blanket, minced pies, pasta, roast festive vegetables, fruit cake and Tiramisu.

This year we prepped the pigs in a blanket.

Our 6.5kg roast turkey with delish giblet gravy.

Stuffing for the roast turkey:


Roast pumpkin, potatoes and onions.

Pesto pasta with scallops and prawns.

Low-sugar fruitcake with extra booze and walnuts.

Focacia bread.

Minced pies

The girls received fewer presents this year but they’re totally OK with it.  What’s more important is the reunion with their aunt, grand aunties and grand uncles.  We’re very thankful that everyone in the family is safe and healthy. One of my Christmas wishes is for this pandemic to die out and for our lives to return to normalcy very soon.


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