Nancy Chong’s Butter Icing Butter Cake

A good friend of hubs went to Ipoh and got him the much raved about Nancy Chong butter icing butter cake as Christmas gift.  I’ve heard and read so much about Nancy Chong’s cake but never had the chance to try it until today.  And it’s really delicious, although we find the icing too sweet.

The cake is made of pure butter and elegantly laced with melt-in-mouth icing that’s buttery with a  fine sandy texture coming from the icing sugar.   The taste and texture of Nancy Chong’s cake reminds me of the first time I tried butter cake with butter icing at a classmate’s 8th birthday party in Ipoh. I got hooked on the cake and told my mum about it. I asked mum to find the bakery that sold the butter icing cake but she didn’t really understood what her 8-year old daughter was describing to her.    Now that I’ve finally tasted Nancy’s cake, the cake that I ate at my friend’s birthday party 39 years ago could have been Nancy Chong’s butter icing butter cake as it tastes very similar, with the traditional piped flower icing.  Nancy Chong’s cakes have been around since 1958.

So happy that after 39 years, I finally tasted the cake that still makes me think about it all the time.  The closest that I’ve tasted is Wondermilk butter icing cup cakes.  I’m now already thinking of getting a Nancy Chong’s butter icing cake to celebrate my homecoming and reunion with my parents in Ipoh when we have the chance to go back to Ipoh.  Currently, we dare not go back to Ipoh as my parents are high risk folks with high blood pressure and mum has weak lungs and asthma.  Well, the agreement with the various vax firms have been inked and would be enough to cover about 80% of our country’s population (but children are not included yet). Hopefully the pandemic will be controlled by the first half of 2021! 🙏

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