4 Wedding Checklist Items to Complete Sooner Rather Than Later

There are many items to check off on a wedding to-do list. It can be difficult to know what to prioritize and how to finish everything in a timely manner. Below are four checklist items to complete sooner rather than later during your wedding planning.

1. Buy a Wedding Dress

It’s not that there aren’t plenty of wedding dresses from which to choose, but it can take several weeks to secure the bridal salon appointments you want. On top of that, it takes even longer for the gown to arrive, and then you need to leave weeks of time for fittings and alterations. The sooner you purchase your dress, the sooner the process can begin.

2. Book Beauty Appointments.

Your favorite hair salon Austin TX or make-up artist has a set number of appointments available on the big day, so booking these appointments well in advance will ensure you have the stylists of your choice. If you manage to lock down the appointments early enough, you also could book practice sessions, so you know the looks will be close to perfect on your special day.

3. Hire Entertainment.

A band or DJ can only perform at one event each day or night. This is why you need to hire all of your wedding reception entertainment as early as possible. This same principle should also apply to any soloists for the service.

4. Wrap Wedding Favors.

Making or ordering your wedding guests’ favors well in advance will save you time as you near the wedding day. Choose a favor that won’t spoil, like personalized M&Ms or drink koozies, and wrap a certain number each week leading up to the wedding. It can be a relaxing and simple task that you do with your future spouse or a roommate while you binge a favorite show.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and hard work, so start checking off tasks as soon as possible.


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