Cassandra’s Choice of High School – Updated

After months of feeling unsettled with her choice of high school, Cass has, after going through a tough time weighing the pros and cons, finally made up her mind.  She’s decided to let go of the high school of her initial choice.  After going through the hassle of submitting the tedious application online and emailing the school by herself, going to the school to sit for the entrance exam and finally getting the results, she has decided to take Plan B.

All the while, I knew that Cass didn’t really want to get into this high school. She knew very well that studying in Chinese for another 5 – 6 years is not what she really wanted.   Alycia has been telling us that had her dad given her a choice 5 years ago, she would never choose this high school.

As most of her good friends applied to get into this coveted high school, Cass followed suit.  When the freshmen list was out recently and Cass’ name was in, she  was happy initially. But when the reality of her going to another tough Chinese school sunk in, she was not enthusiastic anymore.  She didn’t even bother to go to the high school’s website to read the instructions on the online orientation.  She asked me if she could change her mind. I told her to think about it very carefully as she wanted this high school so badly initially.  Finally when the book list was out last week and I had to make payment by last Sunday, Cass had to make the final decision and she chose Plan B.  It was a hard decision for Cass to make.

Even though we’d paid almost RM1k to the high school for registration fee and entrance exam fee, it’s OK that Cass makes an about turn now before we pay another few thousand Ringgit in January next year. It’s OK to forgo the RM1k than to spend even more and Cass is not happy in the high school.

So… Cass will be going to a public school, the same school that Sherilyn is going to. I’m glad that Cass made the decision to change high school before school starts in mid January next year.   This is the second time Cass had to make a major decision for herself.  When she was 10 years old, she told me that no matter the outcome and risks, she would take the risk of going through a CT scan (risk of radiation) and go through another major surgery(s) so that she could be totally healed from her urinary issues.

I hope Cass’ decision this time is the right one for her. But if it’s not, I’ve got her back and we can look at the alternative route, i.e. Plan C.  That’s what parents are for ~ to catch you when you fall and to go through the ups and downs with you so that you’re happy, safe and walk on the right path.

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