CMCO Day 191 ~ Thursday, 17 December 2020

This is Cassandra’s book list, downloaded from the website of her high school.  I have until this Sunday to make online payment of RM581.20 to the school.  I have been asking Cass if she really wants to go to this high school before I make payment for the books.   Cass chose this high school mainly because her best friend and most of her classmates are going to this school and not because she likes to study in Chinese for another 5 to 6 years.  No doubt this is a coveted high school but she knows herself too well. She has always struggled with Chinese language, thus, she is now still not 101% sure if she really wants to go to this high school next year  😟

I’ve asked Cass to sleep over it and to let me know her decision by this Saturday.  I would rather she backs out from this high school now (even though I’ve paid almost RM1k for registration and entrance exam) than her regretting it later.  It’s going to be costly and troublesome to transfer her to another school later.

Alycia has been telling Cass that had her dad given her a choice, this high school will never be her choice because it’s just not easy to study all the Science subjects and Math in dual language (Chinese and English) and sit for double exams (public exams as well as UEC).  Chinese independent high school Math is well known to be mind boggling confusing and it’s been driving her nuts for the past 5 years.  Alycia had wanted to get into Catholic High School but her dad is just too, well, pro-Chinese school 😟.

My choice is still international school or homeschool learning (in a learning center) and had we not been impacted financially by the darn pandemic, I would have sent Cass to an international school located right smack in our cozy neighborhood.

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