Covid Scare

Three Sundays ago during the CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order), our family went to Mid Valley Megamall and Gardens Mall. My main purpose of making a trip to the mall was to get some skin care products targeted at acne skin for the girls.  We had brunch at Din Dai Fung @ Gardens Mall and then proceeded to Innisfree and Sephora to get the acne skin care products.

Fast forward three days later, hubs forwarded me a notice issued by Din Dai Fung @ Gardens Mall informing the public that one (or maybe a few) of their staff had just tested positive for Covid-19. There was another message that went viral regarding a staff at Innisfree @ Mid Valley Megamall who was also just tested positive.   When I saw the messages, I felt my heart in my throat as we were at both the outlets at the mall.  Unfounded worries kept hounding me for  two weeks. It did not help that I’m a hypochondriac.  When the mil heard the news, she was so worried that she had headache for 2 days.

For days, I kept having a nagging mild headache, felt like I was about to get a cold and had discomfort in my throat.  I think I felt unwell as I wasn’t sleeping well and was sleep deprived.  The feeling of feeling malaise was real. I wasn’t imagining.  I wondered if I was infected too. I told Maria, our part-time helper not to come.  We were expecting calls from the Health Department for contact tracing but no one called us. I guess we were not in contact with the staff of the two shops though we were there.  I prayed fervently to God that our family will be protected from being infected by Covid-19. It’s now almost three weeks since the day we went to Mid Valley Megamall and I can safely say that we’re fine.

I don’t think I will be making a trip to the mall even when the MCO is lifted but the number of Covid19 cases are still in triple digits.  After the agonizing two weeks of worrying ourselves sick, I think I will only dare venture out to the malls during the Recovery MCO when Covid cases are in a single or double digit.

Do you have any Covid19 scare stories to share?

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4 thoughts on “Covid Scare

  1. Our family just had a close call too. My second daughter went to the beach with her two high school best friends before they all head back to their different colleges. Within a week, both friends tested positive for Covid with mild symptoms. Since my oldest two had to go back to college, I took them for a rapid test. We sat in the car, had our noses swabbed and got our results in the afternoon. Thank goodness we were negative! Then the girls had another rapid test when they checked in at college last week and tested negative again. Here in the US, there’s no restrictions imposed and we can go about freely without having our temperature taken, or even contact details recorded. Not everyone is wearing a mask either.

    1. Hi Su
      OMG, that was really scary as your daughter was in close contact with her besties. And she’s super duper lucky that she wasn’t infected. Did she practise the social distancing protocol when she went to the beach? Social distancing is really important. Glad to hear that your girls went back to college and none of you guys were infected. I can’t wait for my girls to go back to school.

    2. Your girl is tremendously lucky to have escaped an infection despite being in such close contact with her friends. Over here, SOPs are pretty tight yet cases are still very high because there’s always a few stubborn ones who don’t follow SOPs. We’ll get a fine if we don’t wear our mask or scan some codes for contact tracing.
      I hope your daughter’s friends are recovering well. I think a flu shot is a necessity now. Who knows, it may even provide some protection against Covid. This reminds me that maybe we should also take a flu shot this year!

  2. Definitely no social distancing as all three sat in the same car for the one hour drive to the beach! The older two have been home from college for the last ten months and it has definitely affected them. College last week was like a ghost town as all students have the option of being in person or online (asynchronous) but my oldest had to be in person as this is her final semester before graduation. My youngest has been in person since last August at her high school. Twice they had to go online for two weeks as two classmates were sick with Covid. Last fall we all had the flu shot. We’ve not had one for the past ten years and although it’s not the Covid vaccine, I thought this is a crazy year to not do it. I hope it will be safe soon for your sweet girls to go back to school!

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