Haru In Our Lives

Haru is very much loved by her two human sisters.  Sherilyn now sleeps early so that she could wake up by 7am to feed Haru.  And Cass would pacify Haru whenever she craves for attention – she would place Haru on her lap while she practises the piano or does her stuff on the computer. And never in my life had I ever imagined that I would be litter training a kitten and cleaning up cat litter as I’d never ever had the intention of having a cat as a pet 😁.

Even Alycia is trying her best to overcome her Ailurophobia (cat phobia) so that she could live at ease with having a cat in the house.  She’s been strongly influenced by her cat loving best friend and sisters to at least overcome her fear of cats before starting to love Haru. It’s tough for her but she’s trying really hard. Today she mustered all her courage to lift up Haru when she cried for attention – but not without a thick cloth before touching Haru 🤣

Cass has now learnt the art of multi-tasking with one hand holding Haru and another fixing Haru’s milk for bottle feeding.

There was so much drama from Alycia when she tried lifting Haru for the first time today, with a towel. There were so much shrieks and screams, jumping and running away, as if she was trying to touch a rat or cockroach 😆

Haru has definitely brought a lot of joy and laughter to our family and the sisters are getting closer to each other because of Haru the rescued stray kitten 🥰

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2 thoughts on “Haru In Our Lives

  1. Oh man, I feel for Alycia because that is what I would be too. I am not a cat person and the only cat I touched is Annie’s Mochi. I am a dog mama LOL

    1. Really Barb? You are scared of cats too?
      I’m a dog mama too but raising an infant cat is slowly changing me 🥰
      I love Annie’s Mochi too! She’s sooooo adorable!

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