Litter Training Our Pet Kitten

Our cute little Haru – only Sherilyn, Cass and I care for her. I’m not a cat lover but Haru is changing me by the day. Her cuteness overload and her intelligence are shining through and she’s slowing finding a place in my heart.

Alycia is terrified of cats and all furry animals BUT Haru is slowly changing her too!  Throughout the day Alycia will check on Haru and asks about her, though she still hasn’t gathered enough courage to touch a cat yet 🤣

The three of us have been litter training Haru since yesterday and it’s been pretty fruitful, provided we take her out of the box immediately and place her in her litter the moment she wakes up from her nap. Today all of us were too busy with our things and forgot to bring Haru out of the box to the litter; she peed inside the box and then let out a different meow, to signal to us that she’s peed.

Grandma doesn’t like Haru to be inside the house. And Haru seems to know it. She will stop at the border (between the shoe area and the living room) and sits there to observe us, knowing that she’s not allowed in.  Poor baby. We let her roam freely at the shoe area during the day and then put her back into the box for her to nap.  We haven’t really planned out where to place her when she grows bigger. Hopefully grandma will fall in love with Haru too and will allow her into the house soon 😁.  I’ll pass the job of convincing the queen to change her mind to the hubs as he’s the one who initiated the cat fostering.

Looking like a penguin here 😆

During the day, we turn the box to its side so that Haru can get in and out easily.   She went to the litter to pee on her own once today.

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2 thoughts on “Litter Training Our Pet Kitten

  1. Love Haru! So adorable and many thanks for giving her a chance at life! I am positive that she will be a treasured new family member and will win over your MIL very soon! Honestly, I have never understood how some humans just don’t care for other species less than themselves; I always think of it as an opportunity to make yourself a better human being. Have to relate this story….a few years ago on a car trip from Pg to KL, we stopped at a rest stop along the highway and saw this little kitten who was just stumbling around with a terrible eye infection. We made the decision to rescue it; cleaned the eyes up a bit, found a box, took her in the car back to KL. She slept all the way! Took her back to our host home in Fairway 18. We gave her a nice warm wash, dried her with a blow dryer, got her some soft canned cat food. My cousin’s husband who is an eye surgeon was also visiting from Canada who normally travels with erythromycin eye drops unfortunately did not have them, but he did say she had a major infection. Anyways, named her Wakanda as she is all black. Of course we knew we couldn’t keep her, so was suggested to take her to the animal shelter not far from where we were. Made a donation there when we dropped her off. I was bawling in the car after. At least I wanted Wakanda to know she was actually loved for about 24 hours, and I still think of her.

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