Our Newly Fostered Stray Kitten

Apologies for the lack of update the past one week.  Yeah, the title says it all. I’ve been busy being a mom to two new fur kids ☺️

Hubby decided to foster two out of six kittens that a stray cat gave birth to right outside his office door step. I told him that he must be crazy to bring not one but two kittens home! The mil is not happy at all with having cats at home!

I knew that I will not be able to cope with having two cats, in fact I’m not ready to care for a pet yet.   To begin with, I’m not even a cat lover. I’m a 100% dog lover.  But Cass and Sherilyn have always wanted to have a pet at home.  Sherilyn loves cats while Cass is fine with any furry animal as her pet.  She has been hounding me to get her a hamster, guinea pig or any type of small furry animal as a pet. But NO NO, there ain’t going to be a rodent in the house! When a cat gave birth to a litter of 6 kitties outside his shop, hubby immediately had the intention to bring a kitten home, though he’s also not a cat lover.

Luckily Alycia’s best friend who’s a 101% cat lover adopted Ginger.  Today her friend came to bring Ginger to its forever loving home.  She’s even planning on putting Ginger on her bed to sleep with her, just like her baby! So happy that Ginger found someone who could care and love it (it’s probably a male) forever.

Though I’m not a cat lover, I am beginning to fall in love with Haru a little more each day.  Sherilyn had the privilege to choose a name for the kitten as she’s the one who’s going to take care of it most of the time, with Cass assisting her.  Haru means spring in Japanese.  I’d preferred such names as Hunter, Tiger or Thunder as it hissed at me the very first time I tried to touch it. Such a fierce infant kitty. She was the only kitty that spat and hissed at us.  But as Haru got used to us humans, she stopped hissing at us on day 3 and now wants to get out of her box all the time to explore her new home.

There’s so much to talk about Haru and Ginger but I’ll leave the stories for another post. Enjoy the pix of our cute little Haru, the one with tri-colored stripes and polka dots on her pink belly.

Haru smiling at us at the vet today.

Haru and Ginger love holding their milk bottle during feeding time, just like a human baby. I love watching them drink milk from the bottle.

Haru weighs 330 gms today – 28 Jan 2021

Last pix of Haru and Ginger together today. Her new adoptive mom is downstairs waiting eagerly to meet her.

Sherilyn feeding Ginger for the last time.

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