MCO Online Learning ~ Thursday, 21 January 2021

I have lost count on the MCO day number that we’re in! All I can remember is that day 1 of MCO is on 18 March 2020 and somewhere along the way, I lost count. It doesn’t matter anymore.  It looks like we’re going to continue to be on some kind of MCO, whether Conditional MCO or Recovery MCO for the next half a year.  The Government announced today that the MCO will be extended for another TWO WEEKS. Great. Hopefully we will see a significant drop in the number of Covid cases so that we can be placed in a Recovery MCO once again.  And I hope that hubby’s catering business pulls through until the Recovery MCO when social gatherings are allowed again, when the clips on his wings can be removed again. Once and for all.  And let’s all pray that no once screws up the Recovery MCO again this time, ever!

The new school term started yesterday and as our country is still placed in an MCO restriction, schools cannot be reopened yet.  Thus, online learning has to continue.  Alycia started her online SPM Trials yesterday and this will go on for another 9 days. This is going to be the scene at our living room until next Saturday:

The littlest one is hidden at another corner at the dining area. She’s in Form 1 this year at Sherilyn’s school. She doesn’t look too enthusiastic though. Thank goodness she has two classmates from primary school who are in the same class as her. And thank God she’s placed in one of the two DLP (Dual Language Program) classes, which are the best two classes. In a DLP class, Math and Science are taught in English and there are only 2 DLP classes in this school that Cass and Sherilyn are going to.  However,  I still find that online learning is not very effective for our girls,  especially Cass who prefers to be in school to attend face-to-face learning and interact with friends. I feel terribly sad for Cass that her final year in primary school last year had to end in such a sorry manner – there was no graduation ceremony, no final pix with her friends, no year end party, no year-end school carnival (this is the highlight of schooling for her and she missed it), no school trip and no proper farewell, hugs and kisses to all her good friends. And now in her first year of high school, there is no orientation and no introduction to any of her classmates😢  and no one knows how long more students will have to continue learning from home 😔

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