Some Facts About Haru, Our Pet Kitten

Haru hates her pink collar with a bell. As she’s still a tiny kitten, the collar is too big for her neck, thus we have to put it on her body.  We only put the collar on Haru whenever she’s let out of her box for her happy hour. The bell lets us know where she is. Haru is only let out to roam in our house whenever someone who doesn’t like cats is not in the living room or dining area  😏 .  Haru always tries to wriggle her body out of the collar.

Check out the scratch marks on my hand. Haru’s nails are super sharp like a tiger’s claws!

At almost 7 weeks old now, Haru still drinks milk from a bottle.  Her style of drinking from the bottle is similar to some hyperactive toddlers who cannot lie still when they drink.  Her body  has to move and wriggle about, she bites the bottle teat, she uses her front legs to push the bottle away while her two hind legs are in the air, she will stop drinking part way and has to roam about, then continue drinking with more ‘pattern’… just like a human toddler.

Haru was litter trained at about 6 weeks old.

Cass loves to put Haru on her lap and stroke her to sleep.

Haru can now climb out of her box, thus we had to tape up the 4 flaps on the box to make it higher… until we buy her a cage.  Someone is not happy with the prospect of having a cat cage at the shoe area of our house 😐. Actually I don’t like having a cage in our tiny condo either, but since she’s not allowed to roam freely inside the house 24 hours/day, the cage is the only option.

Sherilyn multi-tasking here: eating her dinner while attending an online tuition class while entertaining a hyperactive Haru.

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2 thoughts on “Some Facts About Haru, Our Pet Kitten

  1. Just so love your stories of Haru! How can anyone not fall totally in love with her? Just a suggestion here…if u are buying her a cage( just to all ease the MIL…which makes u a far better DIL that I ever was, and truth be told I didn’t really try very hard and always spoke my mind…
    Anyways, try and get a cage with a second half level. Haru’s bed can be on the upper level with the food and litter box on the lower.
    Please get her a scratching post and always direct her there if she wants to scratch furniture or people.
    At this stage, also get her used to having her front paws touched…this will lead to getting her nails trimmed when she is older. Just hold them and gently squeeze like you were trying to get her claws trimmed.
    My cat was adopted at age 18 months and I have been able to allow me to trim her nails. Don’t worry about the back claws as she needs them for cleaning and she generally does not scratch the furniture with them.
    As well, I’m sure you have considered getting her spayed when she is older; not likely she would meet any boyfriends but it helps her disposition.
    On that note, are you guys planning to get the mother cat neutered? That would be the biggest and kindest deed to do for her. I have no idea how much the costs are, but if you set up a GoFundMe page, I’d gladly contribute. We contributed to our cat’s surgeries when we fostered her, and eventually adopted her. I wish I could send u a pic… she has only one eye, quite talkative, loves her toys, comes to us whenever she needs anything, and doesn’t shed! We are truly blessed to have her.
    One last thing…if Haru is spending so much time in the box, pls give her some toys to play with. It’s good you have put a towel there.
    Sorry for such a long post! Crazy cat lady….

    1. Hi Chris
      Yes I’m planning to get a cage with a little stairs up for her bed. We also plan to spay Haru when she turns 4-5 months old. Lately I’ve been reading up quite a bit on cats as we have zero experience in handling cats and baby animals 😀
      Haru’s mother looks sad. Each time I see her a few doors away from hubby’s shop, she’s sleeping inside a vacant shop (separated by a metal door), so it’s hard to reach her.
      Haru has lost interest in formula milk the past one week and this has been worrying us. I think she must be teething. Do you think so?
      Today we tried feeding her soft food (tuna) for 2MO kittens. We rejoiced when she ate it from a shallow plate and she actually knows how to eat from a plate! However, she still dislikes drinking water or milk from a plate or bottle, so we have to force feed her. She’s quite skinny and we’re trying to plump her up a little 😉

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