Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year this year is celebrated on a whole different level with no traveling back to our hometown, no house visiting, no mall visiting, no lion dance, no nothing but just sitting at home. The girls miss playing  fire crackers with their Singaporean cousins in Ipoh, enjoying koong koong’s homecooked dishes and granny’s cookies. In accordance with the government’s Covid19 SOP for CNY this year, reunion dinner on the eve of CNY is only allowed for relatives staying within a 10km radius in the same district. Our condo Management only allows guests in from 6 – 10pm on the eve of CNY.   The only relative who is within a 10km radius in the same district as us is hubby’s cousin. Our reunion dinner was held at hubby’s aunt’s unit, which is 2 floors below ours.  This year, I didn’t even bother to buy any CNY cookies (except for some arrowroot chips, emping chips and fried beehives) as my girls are not big fans of cookies and since we can’t be doing visiting and gifting. Fortunately, my younger brother who is on a working trip back to Ipoh will be able to bring some of mom’s home-baked cookies for us!

Tossing the yee sang is also unique this year with everyone donning on face masks as there are vulnerable folks around. You know how the Chinese talk during yee sang tossing right? Imagine everyone’s saliva being tossed inside the yee sang too 😱

On the first day of CNY, the mil cooked the customary ‘jai’ (vegetarian dish). The girls are also not fans of ‘jai’ but they’re pretty easy going and ate them without any fuss.

I really miss going back to my parents in Ipoh this CNY. I’ve not seen them in person for more than a year now.

How has your CNY been this year?

Here’s Cass with her new bestie.  She’s absolutely besotted with Haru and loves having Haru next to her all the time 😁.  Haru is about 8 weeks old now and is such a charming kitty.

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