Updates on Haru Our Pet Kitten

We started feeding Haru with wet kitten food last week, when she’s about 7-8 weeks old. We’re not exactly sure how old she is though. She absolutely loves her Whiskas tuna and mackeral fish. She got so excited trying  her first real food that her body was shaking with excitement 😂 and she whined like a puppy to ask for more.

We still feed Haru with milk at least once a day, though she’s not exactly enthusiastic anymore. Her special lactose-free goat milk formula imported from Netherlands costs over RM27 for a small tub, which is way more expensive than our milk powder. I think we can wean Haru off milk after she finishes this tub of formula.

Alycia is still trying her best to overcome her phobia of cats and trying really hard to like and touch Haru. It’s improving by the day and she can now hold Haru without having to wrap her with a towel 😆. However, Haru still gives Alycia the jitters. It’s not easy to overcome a phobia, eh?

Alycia setting up a video call for Haru to meet her brother, Ginger (now named Moon Moon), who’s been adopted by her best friend. Ginger now has a life that every cat dreams off – he’s free to roam in the house, is very loved by her owners and has two avocado cat beds. He’s even allowed to sleep with his owners on their beds. We’re all so happy for Ginger.

Haru with her hooman dad 😁. Daddy is trying his best to convince the queen to allow Haru to roam freely in the house so that we needn’t buy a cage to cage up Haru after all.

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