Souvenirs From Disney World

Yesterday, we received another box of goodies from koo mah all the way from Hong Kong.  Inside were lots and lots of souvenirs that koo mah and mah mah bought from Japan Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland.  There were :

Fanciful and cute hair clips and accessories.

Cute Minnie Mouse caps.

Bags, pens, pretty shoes from Zara Kids, sports shoes, pretty clothes from Zara Kids and much more.

Thank you koo mah and mah mah for all the lovely gifts!

Author: Shireen

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6 thoughts on “Souvenirs From Disney World”

  1. lovely gifts…..from wonderful koo mah….i remember i bought these mickey and minnie items fr. Disneyland Japan …for my boys and nieces ….many many years ago….quite pricey items…in terms of exchange rate with our shrinking malaysian ringgit….

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