Anything For You My Princess

Alycia always imagines she is a princess. For the past 1 week, Alycia has been demanding that daddy carries her off her bed in the mornings and then carries her downstairs like a princess. Last night when daddy was tucking her to bed she said “daddy tomorrow you carry me downstairs, k” and this morning, daddy waited for Alycia to wake up before he went to his office, carried her off the bed and gave her a morning peck on her cheeks before carrying her like a princess downstairs for breakfast. Wah… this daddy is ever ready to accomodate all the “your wishes are my command” from his 2 princesses. I wonder if my wish is his command too….

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5 thoughts on “Anything For You My Princess

  1. gals are always so sweet ya….wonder was the feeling of a father when his gals bring back boyfriend one day, hehe….

  2. all girls are daddies’ little princesses 😀 btw, you said i look familiar..i’m the one wearing black in the photo eh? hahahahhahaha. you probably have seen me at the mall cos i’m a shopaholic 😀

  3. lil princess is so cute, how not to obey her command? mom should tell daddy her wish is to be carried to bed every night too..

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