Alycia Puked

Last night after taking her medicine, Alycia puked. I gave her a piece of Digestive biscuit as treat and I think she must have eaten the biscuit hastily and the biscuit must have gagged her throat, thus inducing the vomit sensation. I fed her the medicine again just before bedtime and thank God, she didn’t throw up. This medicine is really making her miserable – terribly cranky and lost of appetite. But thankfully, the hearing in her ear has improved – I kept asking her if she could hear and her answer was yes. Also, there wasn’t any complaints of ear pain from her, which means that her ear did not get infected. The best indication is she did not develop any fever coz fever means an ear infection has developed. If she continues to show signs of improvement, then we can attend the lantern party at her pre-school in the evening. She’s been looking forward to the party since last week.

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5 thoughts on “Alycia Puked

  1. luckily she is better. Ear aches are really bad for kids. The paed told me that the effect is like a persistent headache in adults

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