Baby C’s Potty And Bathroom Stories

Whenever Baby refuses to stay in her playpen when I need to take my shower in the morning, she follows me into the bathroom. We’ll both do our business together – she on her potty and me on the throne. Baby used to have the patience to sit quietly on her potty while I take my bath. She would watch me bathe inside the shower stall and sometimes wash the bathroom with awe as she sat in her potty. But lately, she wouldn’t sit still. That novelty has worn off and she has found it boring to see the same old thing over and over again everyday on end.  Now, we bathe together  on some days but it ain’t easy as she loves moving about and had slipped and fell on a few occasions.   I guess I should let her wear a pair of anti-slip slippers when we bathe together next.

To keep her occupied on the potty while I go about with my business, I used to give her books and toys.  But that has to end now coz this little rascal found it fun to throw her toys into her potty, eeeeks!

I gave her some magnetic ABCs and 123s but she kept putting them into her potty, one by one!  I guess she found it amusing to hear the sound of falling magnets in her potty 😀  Thank goodness she hadn’t pooed (or those magnets would have ended in the bin)… but had peed :S

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10 thoughts on “Baby C’s Potty And Bathroom Stories

  1. I did the same too but as she grew bigger, I placed her in her bath tub with lots of bubble while I did my stuff. It worked. Till today, she still asks to ‘pom-pom’ with me. It’s good bonding time 🙂

  2. haha… william still allows me to put him in his bb cot and watch me take my shower from the door.

    btw, u not worried that whilst u poo poo on the throne, the smell and germs might get to you little darling?

  3. I tried bathing together once (cos Elyssa kept fretting when I took mine). I found it really difficult to manage cos the soap made both of us very slippery. So that was the first and last time. These days if she cries, I just let her be while I do a super quick “mandi kerbau!” 😉

  4. At least she’s doing productive things. (Playing with toys.) My little one likes to touch everything that I don’t want her to touch. I spend half my shower lurching out of the stall and at my daughter. Now that she’s learning how to open drawers, I’m really sunk. Sigh.

    Adorable photo, BTW.

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