Spaghetti Never Too Much

My 3 girls have spaghetti or pasta (ala Bolognaise) at least twice a week. On other days, they have pasta cooked with cheese-milk-butter or cooked with Campbell’s mushroom soup. When there’s pasta or spaghetti on the dining table, everyone is happy – no fretting, no whining and no bribing.

Cooking pasta/spaghetti bolognaise is also one sure way of getting rascal #2 eat her meat. I mix the minced meat really well with the pasta/spaghetti and she would slurp everything into her mouth – no spitting, no coercion, no yelling.

And while my 3 kids slurp their noodles away, I put the bolognaise meat sauce on top of my toasted wholemeal walnut bread, like a canape, which tastes very much like pizza. Yums…. iLike!

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13 thoughts on “Spaghetti Never Too Much

  1. Why is it that all of the foods they enjoy the most, the messiest varieties are their fav? It’s the same with my gals too.

  2. wow.. looks delicious.. kids would love that including mine.. anytime…
    my son eats pasta almost everyday now, he said when he comes back to malaysia, he will not touch pasta for a long time.. hahhaa..

  3. Pasta can be healthy, and definitely yummier than rice! I tried the whole wheat pasta for the kids before, they wouldn’t go for it! We ate pasta so much I thought we were half-Italian!

  4. Hello, I’m an avid follower of your blog, and I think all your food look soooo good! If your girls enjoy pasta, perhaps you could try to make wholewheat pasta for them, it’s much healthier but the texture might need some time to get used to. You could do a half and half in the beginning and slowly wean them off white pasta, because there is really isn’t much nutritional value in them, also the best place to buy cheap wholewheat pasta is Tesco, they come in all shapes and sizes! 🙂

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