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We are having a poolside BBQ at my condo tonight and later watching fireworks and lazer lights display at KLCC at the comforts of our home on the 5th floor of the condo.  How are you celebrating your New Year’s Eve tonight?

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Alycia And Sherilyn’s Pedicure and Manicure

That’s how ‘tarn’ (relaxed) Alycia and Sherilyn are having mah mah giving them personalized in-house manicure and pedicure! I wish I could have in-house manicure and pedicure too while I lie down and have some shut-eye!  That’s going to be so ‘song’ (nice) !!

Check out Baby behind her 2 jie jies lying down and waiting for mah mah to ‘service’ her too, hahahahahahaha!!

Later, my 2 brats brought some cushions and bolster to make themselves more comfortable, with Baby following suit!

I’d like to wish all my readers and customers of my online store a very, very blessed and happy new year. I wish the year 2010 will be a better year for everyone!

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Alycia’s Orientation In School

Today is Alycia’s first orientation in school. Her school has a 2-day orientation program for Primary 1 students and she’s now in school with daddy. For the first time, Alycia donned on the blue pinafore and white shirt today, complete with white socks and white school shoes.

I had wanted to work out in the gym at 6:45am so that I could be back by 7:15am to prepare Alycia for school but dunno what’s with Baby and she woke up together with me. I could not nurse her back to sleep, so she went to her jie jies’ bedroom, climbed up the bed and woke her jie jie up for me at 6:45am. Whenever it’s Baby who wakes her jie jies up, they will have no problem waking up coz my 2 older gals dot on their baby sister very much.

After Alycia left for school with daddy, I brought rascal #2 and #3 for a long walk to a nearby mobile market van to buy some veggie and meat. Our fridge is bare and I needed to stock it up, after being away for 2 weeks.

The hubs had just called me to inform me that the orientation is frigging boring for him. He is now out from the hall for a breather. Nonetheless, he is really impressed with the school. Each classroom is air-conditioned and is fitted with an LCD projecter! Thus, each student is charged RM10 each month to contribute to the costs of the facilities.

This is Alycia’s new Mickey Mouse trolley school bag, all ready to be stuffed with school books. I can imagine how stuffed and heavy her school bag would be, knowing how torturous Chinese schools are.

And this is her new set of Disney stationery set which koo mar bought from Hong Kong.

The color pencils/magic color pens/crayons are encased in a sleek stainless steel bag…

I think Alycia will grow up to be really good in art and drawing just like her daddy. She loves drawing and coloring more than anything else.

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Back To Ipoh And Back To Routine

The long school term break is coming to the tail’s end.  The hubs drove back to Ipoh from KL yesterday.  We are all going back to KL today and it’s all back to the humdrum again, sigh…  Tomorrow morning, there is a taklimat (briefing) for new Primary 1 students at Alycia’s school.  Hubs will be bringing Alycia to her new school while I mind the 2 younger girls at home.  I’ve bought her school uniform, school shoes and trolley school bag.  I have to buy her another pair of school shoes as spare for emergencies.  Oh, how I dread going through the throes of a housewife again – cooking lunch, homework coaching, cooking dinner, minding the maid, nagging my girls to take their shower, etc, etc, etc. without any help from my parents or my mil.  My mil is in Hong Kong again and will be away for a few months.  Oh well, all good things have to come to an end.  I better prepare myself mentally and physically for a new chapter in my life which is about to begin. My precious baby is going to Standard 1 on Monday!! 

Happy end of school holidays mummies! 

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Homemade Pandan Kaya

During our stay in Ipoh, my parents made kaya four times. The first batch of kaya was SO delish that they were polished off within 2-3 days. The second time round, my mum wanted to try making kaya using the crockpot/slow cooker. But she had forgotten to turn the heat to low when we went shopping. When we came home, the pot of kaya became half pudding, half kuih! She made the 3rd batch yesterday and today, made the fourth batch using crockpot again! I eat the kaya like I would ice-cream – put it in a bowl and slurp it into my mouth!

My dad squeezing the pandan leaves (screwpine leaves) inside a muslin cloth bag (or use a clean white nappy) to extract the juice…

My dad slogging over the hot stove to stir the pot of kaya….

Freshly made kaya slathered on toasts – this is Sherilyn’s dessert…

Baby loves them too. Everyone in the family loves homemade kaya to bits. 

My dad and mum’s homemade pandan kaya are made with free range chicken eggs and freshly squeezed pandan juice.  The recipe is simple:

1) 1 bowl eggs
2) 1 bowl santan (fresh coconut milk). Make sure the santan is fresh so that the kaya will be aromatic and no rancid taste.
3) 1 bowl sugar (my mum reduced the sugar to slightly less than half a bowl)
4) Juice from 2 bunches of pandan leaves with no added water.

For caramel kaya, scoop up about 2 tablespoons of sugar from the 1/2 bowl of sugar and cook it till the sugar becomes brown (caramel). Then pour the caramel into the pot of kaya when it’s almost ready (check the consistency – some people like it thick, some like it a tad diluted and some like it a tad cuddled like porridge texture).

Our fourth batch of pandan kaya is brewing in the crockpot, almost ready and I’ve already polished off a few tablespoons! Shall blog about Crockpot Kaya next!

CNY is coming soon.  I’ve got some very modish cheong sam for sale at my online store, so do check them out! 

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Lunch At YMCA Ipoh And Then To Secret Recipe For Desserts

Yesterday was a pigging out day from breakfast to lunch to dinner.  First we had dim sum at Yoke Foke Moon Hong Kong Dim Sum (I shall blog about this later).  Then we went to this restaurant at YMCA Ipoh for lunch.  This restaurant that serves halal food is run by Florex Restaurant and offers great tasting food at really affordable prices.

As we were all still feeling stuffed from the morning’s dim sum at Yoke Foke Moon, we only ordered noodles and 2 veggie dishes. My mum who is super sensitive to MSG and would get migrane attacks each time she eats food heavily laced with MSG requested the cook to omit the MSG from the dishes.  

Braised sang meen with chicken, mushroom slices and veggie.

Wat tan hor (Fried flat rice noodles with egg sauce and seafood).

Stir fried lai park veggie.

The restaurant, which is almost always packed. 

Don’t know what this hot pot is called.  It’s made up of some fried fish, some vegetarian stuff (made of tofu), prawns, mushrooms, dried oysters and an assortment of veggie.

Sing chau mai (Singaporen style fried vermicelli) which tasted like homecooked. It was non-salty and non-oily and even Baby ate it.

I would rate the food 7/10.  I like it that the food’s great tasting, affordable and most of all free from MSG.  Well, maybe not entirely free from MSG as the sauces used to cook the food would have some MSG in them.  The bill came up to almost RM70, inclusive of a pot of tea for a table of 7 adults and 3 kids (Baby also ate those noodles as they were not salty).  Pretty cheap eh?

After lunch at YMCA, my dad suggested that we have some cakes at Secret Recipe and to sit and chit chat.  It’s a rare opportunity that our entire family got together to eat and chit chat – my big bro and his wife from Singapore, my younger brother from KL, my parents, my 3 kids and I. The only person missing was the hubs who had to return to KL to attend to his biz.

Here’s our choice of cakes:

Golden Nuggets (new flavour). Nothing to shout about. I find the caramalized nuts a tad too sweet for my palate.

Oreo cheesecake and choco mud cake.

Walnut brownies with chocolate sauce. This one, iLikey!

Durian cheesecake and a sugar-free moist chocolate cake (pic not taken as I was in the loo with the gals!) Love the sugar-free moist choco cake as it was not sweet at all.  The durian cheesecake was also very delish and durian fans would love it.

Later in the evening, we headed to the newly opened Hoi Seng Restaurant in Ipoh Garden for a sumptuous dinner (shall blog about this later).  Phoof, what a great day pigging out and enjoying Ipoh food.  We also had famous Ipoh ngar choi kai and chicken with hor fun (flat rice noodles), Kg Simee’s hawkers’ food and Tuck Kee fried noodles last week.    Thank goodness the red needle did not budge to the right on the weighing machine as I have been working out extra hard and extra long running by the scenic Ipoh limestone hills and inhaling the fresh, crisp and cool morning breeze for 35-40 mins every morning!

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Haircut For Everyone

Yesterday everyone had a hair cut – Alycia, Sherilyn, Baby, kakak and even moi (my hair cut was an eleventh hour decision though, after my mum kept bugging me to cut my hair at that place. I had wanted to go to a more posh hair saloon). This place that my mum brought us to provides one of the cheapest no-frills hair cut in Ipoh. The saloon owner charges RM5 for kids, RM4 for toddlers and RM10 for adults. All in I only paid RM34 for all of us! Dirt cheap eh? And the hair saloon owner did a pretty good job too. I’m one who is really pernickety when it comes to choosing a hair saloon and I must give her credit for giving me a very nice layered hair cut.

For the first time (she has had 3 hair cuts previously), Baby did not bawl when it was her turn. I guess watching her 2 jie jies and kakak having their hair cut prepared her mentally before it was her turn. When it was finally her turn, she had her 2 doting jie jies comforting her… she was on the verge of crying – her lips started to droop and her eyes started to turn watery too!

Happy Boxing Day everyone! What’s for lunch today? Hmmmm, I’m craving for Chicken Boxing on a Boxing Day haha!

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Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe, Tanjung Tokong Penang – Seafood With A Scenic View

On our last day of our Penang trip, we stopped by at Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe at Tanjung Tokong Penang for seafood. This restaurant is situated next to the famous Tua Peh Kong Temple in Tanjung Tokong. It was our first visit there but the hubs has been to this restaurant umpteen times, ever since he was a toddler! This unassuming restaurant looks pretty run down and uninviting but the moment you step down from your car and walk towards it, the aromatic smell of baked crabs and prawns would fill the air. I tell ya, that aroma made me salivate and rumbled my tummy, though my tummy was still stuffed with grub from the morning’s buffet breakfast at Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

The seafood dishes are all cooked in very simple styles. Their signature dish is coal-baked crabs and salt-baked prawns. I was told that the restaurant owner relies on these two signature dishes to pull in customers, near and far.

The above picture was copied from

These are what we digged in:

Deep fried popiah.

Fried hoe chien (oyster omelette).

Salt baked prawns.

Stir-fried lala (clamps) with sweet sauce.  We had pandan coconut too… it was SO tasty and refreshing.

Deep fried spring chicken (baby chicken).

Baby’s first taste of fried spring chicken. She LOVED it and was reluctant to let go of the chicken from her mouth hahahahaha!

Baked crabs.

Alycia and Sherilyn had SO much fun hammering the crab claws and feasting on the crabs and prawns. There was a huge pile of prawn and crab shells scattered on the table!

Alycia enjoying the crabs and Baby the spring chicken.

Check out the roe oozing out from the crab!

The food at Sea Pearl Lagoon ain’t cheap. The bill came up to RM158 for seafood and drinks only.  The oyster omelette, fried spring chicken and fried popiah are sold at a different stall (located next to Sea Pearl Lagoon) and charged separately.

All in all, the food was good. If you want to enjoy fresh and tasty baked crabs and prawns, Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe is the place to head to.   And if you want to visit the loo, you have to get down some steps inside the restaurant.  It looks like the restaurant was built on some kind of pre-war fort.  Initially, I thought it was a cave!

Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe
338 Mukim 18
Tanjung Tokong
10470 Penang
Tel : 04 8990375
Business Hours : 11am – 10pm

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Shoppping With Alycia And Sherilyn

For the first time ever, I went shopping with Alycia and Sherilyn, minus the hubs, Baby and the maid. It was on Jusco members’ day too and the crowd I tell ya, it was madness coz those things were super duper cheap!  I wish I could buy everything I saw that I liked.

I thought it would be less stressful since I have one less little fella to watch over but I was wrong.  Actually I had prepared myself mentally that rascal #2 would be like a stray monkey, being let off the leash for the first time and my guess was correct.  Not only was she like a stray monkey, she didn’t want to help me carry things too.  Sher being Sher, she gave me tons of excuses to avoid holding her own water tumber bag and other things.  Poor Alycia, my filial and thoughtful daughter, she volunteered to carry most of the things… and hung the bags of loot on her arms till there were red marks on her arms. 

When rascal #2 saw this little trolley car in the middle of the walkway at the kids’ department, she asked me if she could have it. I said it might belong to someone else and I told her to ask the lady next to the car.  She happily zoomed off and asked “aunty, is this yours? Can I have it?” LOL!

But I abandoned the car when the wheels couldn’t move straight.

I had promised my brats that I would buy them McDonald’s ice-cream but the queue was horrendous! But my 2 gals were adamant they wanted the ice-cream and badgered me to queue up. I quickly pull them away and told them I would get them something else from the supermarket. But they saw a green tea ice-cream machine a few steps away and pulled me to it. No choice, had to pay RM2.90 for each ice-cream.

At the supermarket, my 2 brats hopped from one booth to another for free food sampling… from the cheese filled sausage booth which was their favorite to the yoghurt booth, to the Sunkist juice booth….

…to the tong yuen (rice ball) booth. The tong yuen with black sesame filling and peanut filling tasted so good. They also went to the tit bits section and helped themselves to the biscuits and junk food… and got reprimanded by the sales assistant. Gosh, I was embarrassed!

See this trolley filled with Drypers diapers?  Nope it’s not mine. A man filled his trolley with Drypers and made a few rounds, coz they were SO cheap at only RM32.99.  Normal price ranges from RM36.90 to RM42.

This is only my loot – 2 packs of Drypers and 1 pack of Drypers pull-up pants for Baby. I was SO tempted to get a few more packs but I could envision the hubs shaking his head in disbelief and passing his usual sarcastic comments when he sees the mountain of diapers lined up on the floor, waiting to be loaded into his car boot, LOL!

At the end of the shopping trip I asked Alycia if she wanted to follow me shopping again, just the 3 of us, she said NO!  She was really worn down helping me and her sister carry stuff!

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More Hard Rock Hotel Penang Pix

Baby playing with the water from the water fountain.

Looks like Baby has overcome her phobia of the sea.  The first time we brought her to the beach half a year ago (after her surgeries), she bawled and was paralyzed with fear. Now, she’s raring to jump inside. When daddy carried her a few metres away into the sea, she did not whine a wee bit.

Rascal #2 and #3 happily building sand castles.

In front of Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

Happy eve of Christmas eve everyone. I’m off to Jusco again to shop for more X’mas gifts today.  Yesterday, rascal #1 and #2 tagged along with me when I went shopping at Jusco.  Baby stayed at home with my mum and the maid and hubs had gone back to KL.  I shall blog about my first experience shopping with rascal #1 and #2 tomorrow (just the 3 of us), so stay tuned!

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Bidazzled – A Whole New Online Auction Site

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Happy Winter Solstice Everyone!

My mum bought some colored rice flour dough from the market yesterday morning. Last night, my 3 gals had their first experience rolling tong yuen. It was similar to playing with play dough and they had SO much fun. But the aftermath was REALLY messy – clumps of rice flour everywhere on the table, floor, their clothes, their body and hair. But what the heck, soon after rolling the balls, they all had their shower.  It’s their first ever experience and they only get to do it once a year.

My 3 brats trying their hands on rolling tong yuen balls. The red color from the red rice flour dough is from beet root juice and and green one from pandan juice.

Baby looked really serious and absorbed playing with the rice flour.  On a few occasions, she even climbed up the table to grab more dough.

My mum trying to stuff some homemade pandan kaya and homemade peanut butter into the balls but it was a failure. She has never done it before and the ball turned out really huge and a tad distorted.

The balls were all misshapened and came in all sizes.

Finally, she dropped the idea of stuffing the balls with kaya and peanut butter. Instead, she inserted a peanut into each tong yuen. This morning she rolled the tong yuen into a plate of toasted sesame seeds before boiling them.

This is our bowl of sesame seed coated, peanut butter, kaya and whole peanut filled tong yuen in soy bean milk with ginger.

Happy ‘kor toong’ everyone!  Happy birthday to you too big bro Ray!  See you and Marene on X’mas Eve and have a safe drive back from Singapore.

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Penang Road Famous Cendol and Ice Kacang

We tasted the most famous Penang Road Famous Cendol and ice kacang during our stay in Penang.  When hubs drove to the lane where the stall was, I asked him to drop the idea of getting down the car to join in the looooooong bee line at the stall.  It was scorching hot and we were already perspiring though in the air conditioned car.  The weather had been frigging sweltering for the past one week (and is still hot and humid) and if you don’t already know, I am a Puteri Lilin, will surely melt in the sun!  There was NO way I was getting down the car to join in the craze! But hubs the foodie was adamant and quickly parked his car at the side. My dad was also very game to join in the queue to get a bowl of the cendol. To our surprise, the queue quickly dispersed (everyone quickly gulped down their bowl of ice and zoomed off from the scorching sun) and hubs didn’t have to wait too long.

The unassuming stall….

The refreshing cendol and ais kacang. We could not get a better pix as my mum was the camera-woman and Baby was on her lap, jumping up and down.

Even Phua Chu Kang and gang patronized the stall, don’t pray pray oh….

I taste your ais kacang, you taste my cendol… mmmmmm, soooooo delicious and refreshing!  I don’t mind going there again in our next trip BUT I am still not getting down the car hah!

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Poolside @ Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

It was drizzling almost the whole morning on Friday. But that did not dampen the spirit of everyone.  The pool area was teeming with happy kids and their parents.Alycia going down the slide.  She went up and down the slides all by herself countless times.Sherilyn who seems to have a phobia of water chickened out when she was up the slide.  She waited up there for a good 10 minutes and screamed out to daddy to rescue her.  One time, she puked when she came splashing into the water from the slide and choked on some water.Baby going down the slide with daddy.  I did not intend to bring Baby down to the pool or have a dip in the sea (I was paranoia of her getting another UTI) but soon, she got all wet from head to toe, all thanks to koong koong and daddy.  Baby went down the slide twice and gulped some water too!  The water slides that would make just about anyone go gaa gaa. I almost wanted to jump into the pool in my dress too, to join in the fun!The water toys and fountains at the pool area.  Baby was terrified when I placed her on the animal-shaped stools.Daddy with rascal #2.  The next time we go to Penang Hard Rock Hotel, we wanna stay in one of those rooms facing the pool and sea.  Notice those rooms behind hubby? The moment you open the sliding door, you can jump right into the pool!  Awesome!Baby was really raring to jump into the pool.  When I was busy snapping pix of Aly and Sher, koong koong who had long been waiting to bring Baby into the pool ‘snatched’ her away from granny and brought her into the pool.    Her diaper expanded to three times its original size, all soaked with pool water, so heavy it almost touched the floor, hahahahahaha!   I had to remove the diaper and put her panty on.  This little cili padi, she doesn’t seem to be afraid of the water and was happily moving her hands in a breast stroke motion.  She looked like a little puppy swimming in the water, SO cute!

Hop over to my other blog for more pix.

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Goh Huat Seng Steamboat @ Kimberly Street Penang

On the first night of our 2-nite 3-day stay in Penang, we had Teowchew steamboat at Goh Huat Seng Restaurant @ Kimberly Street.  What’s special about their steamboat is that the steamboat is heated by charcoal, something which is quite rare in this day and age where everything is run by electric.  Goh Huat Seng is a coffee shop encased in a white washed building on two shop lots.  This classic Chinese restaurant personifies everything associated with downtown Chinese restaurants: witty and sarcastic ah-mahs wait on tables and boisterous Chinese families dine with rowdy grandkids in tow.  Steaming fuss-free teochew steamboat and dim sum are served in traditional style. There are no menus and asking the server what’s good signifies an insult to the cook (all dishes being good, logically). Best option is to go with what you see on the table next to you. Whatever you order, you will not be disappointed because everything here is deliciously piping hot.

A typical steamboat set costs around RM15 per person. Here’s what’s in the set:

Deep fried wantan, which was very crispy and tasty.

The yellow gadget is a portable mini fan to fan the fire on the charcoal.

This plate of noodles is not in the set. It’s ala carte and is their signature noodles. Very nice, everyone loved it.

Alycia who did not nap the whole day  dozed off with her mouth wide open while waiting for the food to arrive, hahaha….

This is how I heated up Baby’s Heinz pasta by putting the bowl into another bowl of boiling water. But everything went into the bin as Baby had just woken up from her nap (she only napped at 6:30pm), was terribly crabby and didn’t have appetite to eat anything. 

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Pix Of Hard Rock Hotel, Penang… Part 1

We just got back from Penang and are now in Ipoh. We’ve had a very enjoyable time in Penang, both at the beach and especially with the food.  Here are some pix taken at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang.

At the entrance of the lobby…At the entrance of the lift of 5th floor.

We stayed on the 5th floor. Hard Rock Hotel Penang only has 6 floors.

Our bedroom.  Pix of rock stars are plastered everywhere in the hotel building.

The bathroom, which I find pretty squeezy and cramped as compared to Northam Suites. Northam’s bathroom is really spacious. We stayed at Northam Suites for 1 night before checking into Hard Rock.

TV and stereo in front of the beds…

Rascal #2 and #3 having a snack of croissants…

The hotel was a sea of people, families with young kids making up the majority of the crowd. I would say that the main attraction of the hotel is the pool area where there are awesome water slides. Food is just mediocre and the only thing to shout about is of course the price, which is freaking expensive! The room we stayed at was pretty small, from the bedroom area to the bathroom. We had tried to book a family room but all the family rooms were taken up. The hotel is now running full house all the way through 31st December 2009.    All of us felt that the rooms at Northam Suites were more spacious, comfy and family-friendly. But in terms of atmosphere and ambience, Hard Rock rules.

The beach at Hard Rock Hotel wasn’t really clean. I had expected white, powdery sandy beaches with almost-crystal clear water but it was nothing near that.  The water was murky and polluted and hubs felt itchy all over his body after a short dip in the sea water.  Overall, I would say that the hotel and the beach didn’t really rock, well it didn’t rock us all, except for the gals who had a swell time playing on the water slides. But we nonetheless had a very fun time bonding.

Stayed tuned for more pix of our HRH stay and the glorious Penang food that we digged into….

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