Back To Ipoh And Back To Routine

The long school term break is coming to the tail’s end.  The hubs drove back to Ipoh from KL yesterday.  We are all going back to KL today and it’s all back to the humdrum again, sigh…  Tomorrow morning, there is a taklimat (briefing) for new Primary 1 students at Alycia’s school.  Hubs will be bringing Alycia to her new school while I mind the 2 younger girls at home.  I’ve bought her school uniform, school shoes and trolley school bag.  I have to buy her another pair of school shoes as spare for emergencies.  Oh, how I dread going through the throes of a housewife again – cooking lunch, homework coaching, cooking dinner, minding the maid, nagging my girls to take their shower, etc, etc, etc. without any help from my parents or my mil.  My mil is in Hong Kong again and will be away for a few months.  Oh well, all good things have to come to an end.  I better prepare myself mentally and physically for a new chapter in my life which is about to begin. My precious baby is going to Standard 1 on Monday!! 

Happy end of school holidays mummies! 

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7 thoughts on “Back To Ipoh And Back To Routine

  1. How exciting for Alycia. I am sure she will enjoy primary school. You’ll cope well with the new changes. Mothers will always cope with anything that is thrown their way. Have a fab 2010!

  2. Alycia big girl already and you will get used to it soon don’t worry. I am feeling sad too cos my honeymoon already over feeling tired coping with work and the kids 🙁

  3. Ooh yes! My baby is going to pre-school for the first time in our lives! I am sure glad to get “rid” of him for 3 hrs a day …. 4 hrs incl travelling … hahahaha. Wicked me! But at least we get some rest when he is away!!!!

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