Alycia’s Orientation In School

Today is Alycia’s first orientation in school. Her school has a 2-day orientation program for Primary 1 students and she’s now in school with daddy. For the first time, Alycia donned on the blue pinafore and white shirt today, complete with white socks and white school shoes.

I had wanted to work out in the gym at 6:45am so that I could be back by 7:15am to prepare Alycia for school but dunno what’s with Baby and she woke up together with me. I could not nurse her back to sleep, so she went to her jie jies’ bedroom, climbed up the bed and woke her jie jie up for me at 6:45am. Whenever it’s Baby who wakes her jie jies up, they will have no problem waking up coz my 2 older gals dot on their baby sister very much.

After Alycia left for school with daddy, I brought rascal #2 and #3 for a long walk to a nearby mobile market van to buy some veggie and meat. Our fridge is bare and I needed to stock it up, after being away for 2 weeks.

The hubs had just called me to inform me that the orientation is frigging boring for him. He is now out from the hall for a breather. Nonetheless, he is really impressed with the school. Each classroom is air-conditioned and is fitted with an LCD projecter! Thus, each student is charged RM10 each month to contribute to the costs of the facilities.

This is Alycia’s new Mickey Mouse trolley school bag, all ready to be stuffed with school books. I can imagine how stuffed and heavy her school bag would be, knowing how torturous Chinese schools are.

And this is her new set of Disney stationery set which koo mar bought from Hong Kong.

The color pencils/magic color pens/crayons are encased in a sleek stainless steel bag…

I think Alycia will grow up to be really good in art and drawing just like her daddy. She loves drawing and coloring more than anything else.

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12 thoughts on “Alycia’s Orientation In School

  1. hey, how come no picture of her in uniform? 🙂 …i didnt expect to see a mickey mouse bag, thought it wld be one of the princess’ bag. guess when it’s sher’s turn, i will be seeing tht huh. 😉

  2. 1st day itself must get hold of the form tcher’s mobile & a few friends’s parents’ contcts..then 1st day no nid to bring all the books kua? Probably a few exs books & main subjcts enuf lah! 1st day tcher busy collect fees& time to tch one lah. probably dismisal oso early one!

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