Easy-To-Make California Roll

Alycia was craving for California roll / hand roll early this week. Day after day, she pestered my mil to make char siew California rolls for her. Some time back last year, my mil made some homemade char siew (roasted pork) and used them for the California roll. Since then Alycia was hooked on the char siew california rolls.

This time round, my mil made prawn and fish roe California roll with avocado. It’s pretty simple to prepare and here are the steps:

First she cooked some Japanese rice with shelled prawns. She double boiled the rice since she cooked very little rice.

Then she placed a spoonful of rice with prawns on a sheet of Japanese seaweed.  She then cut a wedge of avocado and Japanese cucumber and placed them on top of the rice.  Then squeezed in some Japanese mayo.   

Next she placed a scoop of fish roe on top of the pile of ingredients.  

Then wrap the ingredients up with the seaweed.  My young foodie enjoying her California roll when she was back after a long day at school. She was one very, very happy girl 😀

Me, I enjoy my California roll with all the ingredients minus the rice 😀

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6 thoughts on “Easy-To-Make California Roll

  1. without the rice? 😀 Since I dont eat California rolls everyday, I’ll let myself indulge WITH the rice lah.. haha.. ordinary day can skip rice.. but not when I go japanese 😀

  2. What a great idea to make handrolls vs sushi rolls! Now dear MIL is happy that the kids will stay Asian for a long,long time! I am sure kids can handle it but watch for the Jap(or any other) mayo..empty calories! I usually ask for no mayo when ordering unless the kids are sharing, then I am stuck!

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