Cassandra Says The Darndest Things

Out of tiredness caring for 3 demanding girls today, on top of supervising an on-going renovation in the kitchen plus having to deal with some difficult customers, I said this to Baby:

Me – I am so so tired you know? I wish I were a princess and don’t have to do any work but just shop, sleep and eat!!

Baby – And I wish I were a KING!

Me – WHY??

Baby – so that I can scold you!

Me – WHAT?? Say that again?

Baby – errr, no no hahaha! Joking only!

This rascal is getting cheekier by the day. She is very good with her words and very good at manipulating us. Very soon she will have to go to pre school. Yep she has to as she is going to be 4 years old in 1.5 months. Though she knows how to do simple addition from 1-10 with her fingers, knows her ABCs and 123s, I think she still has to start pre school at 4 years old, else she will have a lot to catching up to do next year. The pre school that her 2 che ches used to attend has a tough syllabus (6YOs doing Std 2 Math!), to get the kids prepared for a Chinese primary school environment.

And yep, this rascal is a vain pot too, thank GOD, LOL!! Was so worried that she would turn out to be a tomboy and dislikes dresses and accessories. And she has proven that she’s just as vain as her Sherilyn che che, oh goodie 😀

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8 thoughts on “Cassandra Says The Darndest Things

  1. Wow… your daughter knows addition at this age. Though it’s using her fingers, at least she understands the concept. My little one just turned 4 and he doesn’t quite understand addition. I have been trying to teach him, but he wouldn’t sit down and learn. When I ask him 1 + 1 and show my fingers, he would say 11. 1+2 is 12. He is really testing my patience.

  2. Joanne, don’t worry your boy will catch up very fast once he grasps the concept. BBC has been influenced by her 2 older sisters as she has always been seeing me teach them Math.

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