My 7-YO Ballerina

After close to 2 years in baby ballet class, my princess wannabe is finally ready to sit for Grade 1 of the Royal Academy Of Dancing Exam. The first trial ballet exam was held today. One more trial exam and the actual exam will be held in May or June this year. From a weekly lesson initially,  she has been attending bi-weekly sessions for the past 1 year to get herself ready for the exam. It’s stressful for us as we have to chauffeur her to and fro ballet classes twice a week but Sherilyn is enjoying her ballet classes as well as the company of her fellow ballerina friends. Hopefully she will pass this exam. Lessons are still pretty fun now but as she enters into higher grades, lessons will not be that fun anymore as that is when the teacher will become stricter with the students.

I strongly believe that everyone has to take very good care of their body and mind. Guide to Healthcare Schools can teach you how to be healthy in body and mind. Ballet is one good way of exercising and keeping the body and mind healthy. Each time Sherilyn dances, she sweats profusely.

Here are some of the pix taken today:

Last minute practice in front of the TV.. Baby in her princess clogs, observing her che che intently and enviously.

That’s how her ballet teacher wants the ballerinas to put the handkerchief and scarf – on a hanger with a peg.

And that’s how the ballet teacher wants the ballerinas to hold their ballet heels when they enter the class.

This is Alycia after her first pre-primary ballet exam over 3 years ago. It’s a pity that she hates ballet and quit after 1.5 years into the lesson.

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