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I got a big surprise when I received a big box of parcel from TNT courier last week.  I could not recall expecting a parcel from any of my suppliers on that day.  I was beaming with joy when I ripped off the box and what unfolded were 4 bottles of hand wash in 4 pleasing bright colors, in an aesthetically designed tear-shaped bottle.  Ooooh, I could not wait to lay my hands on these self-foaming hand wash!

Method hand washes are super gentle on your hands as they are made with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients and contain Vitamin E and aloe vera.  They rid my hands off grease very easily, yet do not leave my skin feeling tight and dry.  There are 8 gorgeous fragrances and colors to choose from. If you ask me which I like the most, I really can’t decide as all four smell terrific.    My girls now cooks up all sorts of excuses just so they can wash their hands with Method LOL! So no excuse for them not to wash their hands with soap when they come back from school!

Method range of hand washes are :
1) contain premium, specialty-inspired fragrances
2) decor inspired tear drop bottle, designed by Karim Rashid
3) contain no dirty ingredients including parabens, phthalates, triclosan, EDTA or animal-by-products
4) made from recyclable bottles, made with 100% recycled plastic (PCR)
5) contain natural cleaners derived from coconut combined with natural moisturizers like aloe, vitamin E and glycerine to keep hands smooth

Method’s range of hand wash comes in these heavenly scents: waterfall, pink grapefruit, french lavender, sweet water, green tea & aloe, hibiscus flower, botanical garden and mimosa sun. They are available at all Village Grocer outlets, Isetan (KLCC), Carrefour (Mid Valley), Cold Storage, Jaya Grocer and Hock Choon outlets.

How To Enter Method To The Rescue Contest!

1) submit a short story on someone whom you think deserve a Method product. Please submit your story by commenting under this blog post (click on Leave A Reply). Just tell me in no more than 100 words why you think your friend deserves a Method product. You can check out Method Malaysia in Facebook to see which product your friend needs. You can submit as many entries / friends as you wish 🙂

2) 5 winning stories will be selected. The 5 readers/commentators will each get a selection of Method household and personal care items worth over RM80 :).  Wait, there’s more….

3) Your friend will get the FULL-SIZE Method product as described in your short story (if you recommend Method laundry detergent for your friend who has too many clothes to wash, then your friend will get a bottle of full-size laundry detergent from Method!). Your friend’s name and your name will be in the gift parcel from Method so that your friend knows who the sender of the surprise gift is from!

4) CONTEST DEADLINE IS ON 3O NOVEMBER 2012. So from now, quick quick quick think of friends / siblings / father / mother / husband, grandma, maid, etc whom you think really need Method to rescue them and who knows, you will be the 5 lucky winners to win a RM80 worth of Method products, on top of helping the person in your short story to win!

Not just nice-smelling hand wash, but a nice piece of decor for my bathroom!

Super handy in the kitchen to rid my  hands off fishy odor and grease, yet so gentle on even my kids’ hands!

Founded in 2000, Method is the pioneer of planet-friendly and design-driven home, laundry and hand wash products.  Method can be found in more than 40,000 retail locations throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Some of the celebrities who love Method include Stella McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, Leonarda DiCaprio, Laura Bailey, Lauren Bush and Rachel Bilson!

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30 thoughts on “Join The “Method To The Rescue!” Contest!

  1. When done with the soap solution, replace if u wish with cheaper liquid soap(may have to thin it down a bit with water)…the foaming thing still works. We used to buy the expensive stuff from Bed, Bath and Beyond for CAD 4-5 each until cheapskate me discovered this. As well, I have sensitivities to perfumes/ scents, so I replace with the unscented plain looking stuff.

  2. My mum really deserves Method’s Floor & Surface cleaner. She raised 4 kids and is now helping to raise 3 grand-kids including a 3 month old baby, yet she is famous for keeping her floor squeeky clean! That’s how high her standards are – she absolutely must have clean floors that her feet feel comfortable walking on!

  3. I would love to win Method Wood for Good Polish for my father who cares for his wood furniture just like he cares for his car. Since some wood furniture has special finishes which require a great deal of care, it has been a great challenge for him to keep his precious furniture looking its best. I’ve heard that Method polish gives even old wood furniture a facelift. I hope this so-called knight in almond-scented armor will come to his rescue.

  4. Ever since the arrival of our daughter, my wife has been busy juggling her roles as a wonderful wife to our daughter and me. She is so tidy that she only wants to do it all by herself without my help as according to her I don’t do a good job. I have never seen her using any home care products that are truly gentle for her hands. By winning the Method Hand Wash for my wife, I hope that she can get the job done without much worries, as these products are gentle to her hands.

  5. I really want to get mum the Method Laundry Detergent because she is 60 and still washing her own clothes by hand. I can see her hand skin drying and at times cracking, but she will just say it’s due to her sensitive skin. No matter how much I try persuading her in getting a quality detergent, she will always return it back and ask me to use it as I need it more than her. I really hope she can test this product and see it for herself that, Method Laundry Detergent is not the same as the rest.

  6. My hubby works outdoors and he’s a rather simple guy. He is not an adventurous person and doesn’t like to try different products because he believes that all of them are made equal and it’s mainly due to branding. He only buys soap bars and would not try gentler products such as shower gels, shower foam etc. Despite my years of ‘brainwashing’, I have failed to convince him. I am really lost for ideas for now and hopefully if given the chance to try the Method Hand Wash, it will convince him there are products out there more loving for the skin.

  7. My good friend is one rather busy woman. Raising two energetic young boys is no easy task for her. She lives with her in laws and is responsible for chores keeping the house clean. She has a basketful of dirty clothes everyday and cleaning them takes up much of her time. When she was single, she used to enjoy pampering herself by going for facials and spas. However, life is so busy nowadays, she barely has time. I really hope she can pamper herself with the Method Laundry Detergent as there are so much of washing to be done by her everyday.

  8. My good friend is a hardworking full-time working mother. She hardly has time off due to her busy schedules. She does most of the house chores by herself. Being a meticulous and tidy person, she only believes in doing all the house work on her own. When I visited her recently, I noticed that she was wearing gloves to clean her bathroom as the detergent was too strong that it stings her hands. I can really feel for her and hope that with Method Bathroom Cleaner, she can do her cleaning with ease and free from pain.

  9. Ever since the arrival of our daughter, she has been busy juggling her roles as a wonderful wife to our daughter and me. Our home is always sparky clean and in order as she is an organized person. She is so tidy that she only wants to do it all by herself. I have never seen her using any home care products that are truly gentle for her hands. By winning the Method Hand Soap, I hope that she can get the job done without much worries, as these products are gentle to her hands.

  10. I believe my mum and Method products will compliment each other as both are small wonders, despite being small they are efficient.
    Since becoming a grandmother she is more meticulous about the cleanliness of her home. Clean floors and laundry has always been her priority and Method products being biodegradable will fit her perfectly as it is gentle to both her hands and mother nature.
    This small size wonder will also ensure a clutter free detergent cabinet.

  11. I would love to share this with my brother. He is meticulous about the cleanliness of his home especially so since his daughter has extra sensitive skin.
    Since Method products are natural, I am hoping it will help my niece live an itch free and a more active lifestyle.The attractive colors are also a sure winner in her bath time.

  12. Method All-Purpose Cleaner would be a great gift for my daughter. Though she enjoys cleaning, removing stubborn grease and grime off of the kitchen surfaces is time-consuming and at times, frustrating. Not to mention the kitchen blinds are dust magnets and cleaning them can be a real pain in the neck. She has shelves full of cleaning products but most of them did not work well. I believe Method All-Purpose Cleaner will make house cleaning a breeze.

  13. I would love to get the Method Squirt + Mop for my daughter. She mops the house floors twice a day as cleanliness is important to her. It is never easy keeping the house clean as her children are forever actively “messing” things around. Seeing her cleaning the floor and doing others house chores makes me worried at times as most detergents on the supermarket shelves are really strong and not suitable for a person that has skin allergies, like herself. I hope Method can come to rescue her as soon as possible.

  14. I have been washing clothes for my family for twenty years. On rainy and gloomy days, the clothes give a funny odour and my husband is never be happy with the end result. We have tried many brands of detergents but he is never satisfied. I will end up washing the clothes a second time. I hope that Method Laundry Detergent will solved our nightmare for years and looking forward to a brighter solution and cleaner wash.

  15. I would like to win Method Bathroom Cleaner for my mother. She cleans our bathroom on a daily basis and there is no doubt that it is one of the hardest yet most important room in the house to clean. I personally feel that cleaning grout between tiles can sometimes seem like an endless chore for her. She has also been trying to remove tough stains from sinks and shower. I hope and pray that Method comes to her rescue as it will make a world of difference for her.

  16. My mom deserves a Method laundry detergent as she is caring for her three young grandchildren (besides my dad and us) and always have full-load of laundries to wash daily.

  17. I’m hoping to win Method Wood for Good Polish for my daughter as her house is filled with wood furniture. She has been looking for a polish that works wonders since some of the products that she has tried tend to leave behind an oily residue and streaks on the furniture. It’s also hard to find a polish that smells pleasant and doesn’t cause headaches. It would be great if Method comes to her rescue and end her search for the best wood polish.

  18. I think the one person or persons that deserves Methods products will be my family. My son is 5yo. What could be a better gift for him for starting him young on natural products? At least he will not be laden with chemicals in his body. Furthermore, he is young. He should be given the chance to use natural products as much as possible, and let him grow to love this product, speak about the product. Methods already have a range of product from body to laundry and there is NO excuse not to use them. We have to walk the talk. We have to do good if we have the chance. We should go as natural as possible. Mother earth has given us so many natural things and we should use and appreciate them.

  19. I would like to get this special gift “METHOD” for my beloved wife.I believe with Method hand washes, it will keep her hands off from those grease/fishy odour after cooking in the kitchen.And it leaves her skin soft and smooth..

  20. I am hoping to win this Method product especially Method hand washes for my dear son. it will be a perfect soap to say “BYE” to all the germs sticking on his hands after been to school for whole day.It will keep his skin soft with its great smell.

  21. My father would be very happy if I give him Method Foaming Hand Wash as a surprise gift. He has a passion for gardening but his hands tend to itch after working in the garden. I have tried to convince him to wear gloves but he didn’t like the idea. He prefers working the soil with his bare hands as it gives him a great deal of satisfaction. Thus, I would be very thankful if Method could provide a solution to his problem so he can enjoy his passion for gardening without any worries.

  22. My wife deserves the Marine Naturals Refreshing Body Wash because she washes, cleans and scrubs everything to ensure the children and our home is clean and comfortable. She doesn’t pamper herself to basic perks like shopping, what more homespa. She’s no mule, nor is she a slave to the household. If she can’t have a short holiday, I say let the Method body wash bring the sea to her, allowing her to relax with the refreshing mint smell and feeling all fragrant like water flower. 10 minutes with Method equates to 10 hours in heaven, period!

  23. I need to win this Method Dishwashing Liquid for my mother in law because she has been a great help around the house ever since the arrival of our daughter. She helped us tirelessly looking after our baby and made my wife’s confinement easier, by performing daily chores and cooking. Seeing her wash pots, plates and pans etc almost a few times daily must have been very tough on her skin, especially her hands. She never complains and says that she’s been used to these chores since young. She is such a wonderful woman and I really can’t thank her enough for all the hardwork.

  24. Being a mother, is one of the toughest job in the world. So much dedication and effort is needed to play the role of a mother, as well as a wife. My wife has been doing a wonderful job keeping the family together, for the past thirty years. I really have no complains because everything is done perfectly. She is now 60 and I really hope that she will put herself first above everything else as personal well being is the most important thing for her now. I really hope that I can win a bottle of Method Laundry Detergent as a simple gesture of showing her that I care for her.

  25. My daughter has been doing all the house work by herself as she is a person that wants everything to be perfect. From looking after her daughter and doing daily house chores, she is always busy. Seeing her cleaning and washing so regularly, breaks my heart because when she single and staying with us, she was a relaxed person. But, after being a mother she has turned into a total clean freak. As her daddy, the only way I can show my love is to get her the Method Laundry Detergent because of all the cleaning, I think she spends most of her time doing laundry. Help me please!!

  26. I want my daddy to have the Pure Naked moisturizing Body wash because my daddy gets soaked in the rain daily. When he reaches home, he is smelly. I love him dearly and I want him to be cuddly. So my wish is for him to smell purely heavenly when I hug him to sleep every night naturally.

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