Microfiber Mop From 100 Yen Shop

I love shopping at 100 Yen Shop.  After dropping off rascal #2 at the ballet school, I can spend over an hour at 100 Yen Shop browsing the range of amazing yet affordable products.  Last Saturday, I found this magic microfiber mop that I have been wanting to get ever since my role now includes housekeeping.  I saw a similar one from Scotch Brite (3M), where the mop head attaches to the stick with velcro. I was very tempted to buy it but could not find the refill on sale.  Moreover, it’s pretty costly. So I told myself to check out 100 Yen Shop and was so happy to find one last Saturday!

As the stick is lightweight, even my daughters can help me to mop the floor now. After moping, I can just rinse the mop head before dumping it into the washing machine for a wash every evening. Now that I am a full-time domestic maid, I am always on the look-out for household gadgets and accessories to make house cleaning an easier chore for me. The next gadget that I am targeting is the dishwasher. Already got the nod of approval from the boss and BODs at home, so next week we will charge the electrical shop to get one. The only reservation I have now is our kitchen — am very worried that extensive renovation will be needed to install the dishwasher.

Cheap and easy to use – the stick cost RM9.90 and the microfiber mop head only cost RM4.90.  So convenient and easy to wipe hard to reach places like under the bed, under the sofa, under the fridge and all the nooks and corners without even having to move these big furniture.

Will be visiting 100 Yen shop again soon to get the disposable wet wipes for my Kao Magic Mop Stick.

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10 thoughts on “Microfiber Mop From 100 Yen Shop

  1. I can spend AGES browsing tru the 100 yen shop. My fav is the standalone shop in Ipoh next to Syuen hotel. During our last trip, we spent almost 1.5 hours in that shop. 😉

  2. Vicky, I’ve been hunting high & low for the disposable wet wipes. The other day 100Yen Shop ran out of this item. Daiso @ Pavillion is quite out of the way for us. Hopefully our neighborhood 100Yen shop will hv stock this week.

    Adrine, give me high 5!

    Chin Nee, yes you can 🙂

  3. Yes, 100 yen and Daiso is my favourite too…..I can spend hours and hours, just like you.
    Woww….the fiber mop is just what I need now. I’m using those disposable Kao wipes but on the second thought, it creating too much rubbish for our landsite….
    Ok, time to go shopping again 🙂

  4. I love those type of shops! Love going to the one @ 1 Utama. In Aust they have $2 shops which are a lot of fun too! We have a similar-type mop too made by Swiffer. There is a wide range of products. I don’t believe u need to wash the mophead every nite, just shake it out and re-use, maybe wash once a week? I am a ‘domestic goddess’ too, so have to look for shortcuts!

  5. I wonder how the dish washer machine can reduce your workload. Maybe now there is new invention or improvement? During my time in uni, we have to rinse off one round first before placing inside the dish washer. If we omit this step, then the plates are still oily. Secondly we accumulate to a full load (usually 4 days) so that we maximise time/money..but alas, it stinks and usually not efficient. Thirdly, it uses hot water and that cost more too. Fourth, we still manually wash the pots n pans 🙁

  6. I hardly have time to clean the house everyday. I only do so during weekends, vacuum cleaner is my domestic helper.

    I like to shop at Daiso & 100 Yen too, the quality of the goods there are not bad.

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