My Heart Shattered Into A Million Pieces…

… yesterday afternoon when I saw Alycia’s badly grazed knee and palm.  The moment Alycia and Sherilyn came back from school, Sherilyn was quick to announce “mummy, che che’s knee has BLOOD!  She fell down!”  I rushed out from the kitchen to inspect Alycia’s knee and when I saw the fresh wound on her knee, my heart shattered… and I had that familiar weak and numb feeling on my down under whenever I see gory stuff!

A heartbreaking sight that mothers dread to see… the deep crimson cut in the middle has flesh exposed too.  She fell hard on the hard tar road. Thank God she did not land on her face, else….

After dressing of the wound last night…

My poor baby’s wound now has yellowish-whitish discharge.  She screamed blue murder when she saw the alcohol swab that I was about to put on her wound to clean it.  So watudo, I put the swab aside and used a cotton dabbed with sea salt water to clean it instead before applying Dettol cream, gauze and surgical tape to bandage the wound up.

No wonder my right eye lid kept twitching for the past 2 days and I sneezed too yesterday morning. I hardly sneeze. I try not to believe in all these old Chinese wives’ tales as regards eye twitching and sneezing out of the blue. But each time my eye lid twitches, someone dear to me would fall sick. 9 out of 10 times!

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11 thoughts on “My Heart Shattered Into A Million Pieces…

  1. This type of scene, I am scared to see, but I tell you, my husband is even more scared to see. As he is the one applying medicine on their mozzies bites and all kind of wounds.

  2. Poor alycia… use fresh aloe vera plant, put in fridge to cool it and rub the sticky liquid on the wound, it’s cooling, no stinging sensation and heals up the wound quickly and leave very minimum scars!

  3. As well, in addition to everyone’s helpful comments here, expose the wounds to air to dry. OK, before everyone jumps on my neck for saying that, do cover it up when going out. If she wears longer pants at school and it covers the knee scrape, then leave it open. Let her take a few bandaids to school if for whatever reason she needs to cover it up. You will soon notice that if u keep covering the wound, it will continue to discharge and not dry.
    Also, best way to wash the wound is with running water. If you are lucky enough to get saline, sure.

  4. Kristie, good idea but we don’t have any aloe plant here 🙁

    Chris, yup I am all for air drying it but she feels more secured with the bandage on. Also, the bandage is to keep the Dettol cream intact on the wound… w/o bandage the cream would be wiped on her clothes. Her wound is too big — a bandaid is too small, thus I have to use gauze and surgical tape. Tks for the tip 😉

  5. O dear, must be very painful, hope Alycia’s wounds are better now.

    I some how experienced the same as you, whenever my right eye twitches, there is some one felling sick. I experienced it again last 2 weeks ago, ended up my youngest daughter having stomach discomfort out of the blue, vomiting and lost her appetite for a week. She recovered as soon as my right eye twitching stopped.

    I do not mind if you left eye twitches, people says got luck coming..

  6. Ouch, it hurts me too when I see the wound and how Alycia clutches her bolster/soft toy for comfort! Continue the dressing/cleaning of the wound after she returns from school and before bedtime. I would prefer to cover the wound while she’s in school to prevent accidental knock on it causing more pain. Should heal in a few days’ time….

  7. Oh dear, it sure hurts a lot. Hopefully it will heal soon. Now I need to pay attention if my right eye twitches. Lots of hugs to your lil girl.

  8. Oh dear. Poor girl. Hope she is better. Try putting the Melaleuca Oil. It heals pretty fast, but Alicia would have to withstand the pain during the application.

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