First Day Of School – 2 Jan 2018

For the first time, Cass was a tad reluctant to go back to school after her 5-week break. She lamented that homework is what stresses her out the most and she hates lining up for assembly in the hall every Monday. I know her other reason is the fact that she’s now in senior primary and remains in the top class, which gives her a great amount of pressure to excel. Other than that, she was excited to meet her besties again.

Alycia will be sitting for her PT3 and UEC exams this year.  But this girl is not much bothered or stressed out over the exams.  Alycia wasn’t too enthusiastic about going back to school too as her best friend has left this school for an international school. I hope Alycia will buckle up and pull her socks up as her grades have only been mediocre since she started high school.  This year is going to be tough and tougher as the countdown now begins to PT3 and UEC.  Also, the school sent out a notice on the first day of school notifying students that they will be asked to leave the school should they score an average grade of 60 and below 😵😱

Drama Queen’s new chapter begins on 2 Jan 2018.  She is in Form 1 this year. For the next two years, her school session is in the afternoon.  She appeared to be in a jovial mood when she got home on the first day of school, which is a positive sign that she’s starting to like the school, new friends and the whole new learning experience of studying in Malay vs. Chinese., albeit she told me that she finds it tough, for a beginner.  For 6 years, she studied in Chinese for all the subjects except for English and BM.  But I am confident that with daily practice, she will master BM.

On the first day of school, papa taught Drama Queen how to tie her school neck tie. She has never done this before. In primary school, the neck tie that she wore is readily tied.

Two days before school reopened, mum helped to sew badges onto the pinafores for Drama Queen and Alycia using the sewing machine.

I am totally hopeless in the sewing department. I don’t even know how to operate a sewing machine but thank God for wonderful grand parents for our girls, my tailoring problems have almost always been solved.

How has the first week of school been for you?  I hope it has been a walk in the park but if it’s not, take heart that soon, things will fall into place and you can then call your daily life a ROUTINE once again 👍💪

Happy weekend everyone 💗

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