Monday Dinner – 29 Jan 2018

Malaysia’s ‘summer’ is slowly rearing its ugly head. This also means that Chinese New Year is coming soon. Though it’s been raining almost daily, the weather has been really hot and stuffy.  Even when it’s pouring hard, it’s still not cooling but humid.  Today I showered 5 times (washed my hair 3 times!). When I’m hot and sweaty, I can’t seem to sit and concentrate at my work station. My mind will be foggy and distracted and gravitated towards the bathroom. The OCD in me will be dying to have a nice cool shower, even if it’s just a 1-minute quick splash with cold water. After cooking today’s dinner, I had my 4th quick shower before I zoomed off to fetch Drama Queen back from school.

Today’s dinner is baked cheese fried rice again. This time, I fried the rice with organic pork (marinated with Teriyaki sauce, pepper and sesame seed oil), organic spinach, sweet corn, garden baby peas, garlic, onion and eggs.

Cass helped to layer the rice with slices of Swiss cheese before this baby was popped into the oven. We used about 10 slices of cheese and baked the rice for 20 minutes.

This dish is fast to make and completely low maintenance. Loaded with tons of vegetables, this is a simple yet incredibly tasty dinner you can get on the table in less than 30 minutes. Along with the ABC soup, it took me under an hour to prep two items.  While the soup was still boiling on the stove, I got some work done on the computer.  I must give credit to my part-time helper for helping me pre-chop the garlic. I always have a tub of chopped garlic in the fridge to last me for 2 days.

Also cooked ABC soup with roast pork bones, sweet potatoes and red dates.  I recently discovered that adding sweet potatoes into the pot of soup would yield very sweet and thick soup.  The pot of soup can be a filling one-pot dish with meat, carrots, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, cabbage, etc.  Lately I seem to have a liking for soups, especially vegetables soup.

When using roast pork bones (or any meat for that matter) to prep soup, just be sure to blanch the pork bones in boiling water for a few minutes to remove the fat and scum, as well as for aesthetics reason. Meat not pre-blanched will result in soup that looks murky and err… looks yucky too.

The fussy king of the house who does not like baked cheese rice had steamed pau and scrambled eggs when he came home at 9pm.   Drama Queen helped to steam the frozen pau and cooked the eggs.  After cooking, she wiped the stove and washed the dishes.

Me: quick go and shower.

Sherilyn: I can’t shower yet. I have to wait for dad to finish his dinner, then wash the dishes. And I have to wait for the pau to be steamed.

Me: you sound like you’re Cinderella! Thanks anyway.

Thank God for Drama Queen who is always around to help me with the chores that I hate most.

Rainbow after a downpour this evening. Can you spot a double rainbow? Blink your eyes hard and see if you can see two rainbows.


2 thoughts on “Monday Dinner – 29 Jan 2018

  1. This is in reference to your other blog as I am not able to blog there.
    Have been to cat cafes in Penang and Thailand but no dog cafe.
    My concern is the Alaskan malamute, a majestic breed, who is kept in a pen in diapers! It is NOT normal for a dog to be in diapers unless he is sick, too old, etc. The human who owns the dog has to assume the responsibility of walking the dog as many times a day for the dog to do its business. If one cannot spare the time for this, for heavens sakes, do not get a dog!! If they are applying a diaper for “hygienic” purposes, it is animal abuse! The dog is entitled to be taken for walks, and if he poos, the human has the responsibility to clean up. It is not normal for the dog to go around voiding in a diaper. Was the owner just too darn lazy to train him?? How very irresponsible! The dog deserves a better life and owner!

    1. Hi Chris
      Dog cafes are now very common in Malaysia and Thailand. My friend went to a dog cafe in Bangkok that has many huskies and her kids hugged the huskies and took lots of photos.
      I was shocked when I saw the 2 dogs in diapers. I didn’t ask the staff why the dogs were in diapers but I think the pet cafe is still new and there is not enough staff to man the cafe. I saw the same staff from the pet shop at the cafe. Hopefully soon the dogs will be off diapers. When we go there again, I’ll subtly ask the staff when the dogs will be off diapers.

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