The Tooth Fairy

Cass shed her molar tooth early this week.  When the tooth finally dropped after days of causing her extreme discomfort, Cass was pleased as punch. She was relieved that the tooth no longer  obstructed her mouth movements and she was also looking forward to the ‘tooth fairy’ coming to give her a dollar under her pillow. My youngest baby girl, almost turning 10 and still hopes for a tooth fairy to pay her a secret visit while she’s in lala land. She’s still cute like that.  Forever a baby in my eyes.

Three Boxing Days ago, a real life tooth fairy cum Santa Clause who happened to be a complete stranger to us gave Cass a hundred Ringgit note. We were at our usual coffee shop with my parents who were in KL having breakfast. As we were leaving the coffee shop, an elderly man, about 60 plus asked Cass to call him ‘uncle’.  When Cass called him ‘uncle’, the elderly man with white hair pulled out a hundred Ringgit note from this trousers pocket and said “kwai” (good child in Cantonese) to Cass and  put the RM100 note in Cass’ hands.  And within seconds, he walked away, leaving us entranced, as if he came from no where as a tooth fairy cum Santa Clause to reward Cass and then phoofed he vanished into thin air, just. like. that.  A few minutes after the old man left, Cass’ loose tooth fell off. It’s as if the tooth fairy came to give her the RM100 note!!   I still think this is a real life fairy tale came true for Cass!

OK, back to Cass’ tooth.  Since Monday, Cass has been reminding me that she put her tooth in an angpow packet under her pillow. Obliquely, she wanted me to put a Ringgit note in the angpow packet.   Upon return from school each day, she asked me whether the tooth fairy came and I would reply her by saying that the tooth fairy has been too busy and didn’t come, while feeling terribly guilty. Four days passed and my baby girl never stopped asking me each day.  How could I have forgotten and shirked my responsibility?  Cass knows that I am the tooth fairy and she would play along with me acting as if she believed that there was really a tooth fairy.  I forgot all about the tooth under Cass’ pillow until I changed her pillowcase yesterday.  I felt even worse seeing the angpow under the pillow, knowing that my baby girl has been feeling disappointed that the tooth fairy didn’t visit her for almost a week.  I put a Ringgit note into the angpow and when she returned from school that day, I casually told her that I found something under her pillow.  The look on Cass’ face when she opened the angpow packet was priceless 💓

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