MCO Day 4 (Saturday, 21 March 2020)

Today hubs and I went out at 9-ish in the morning, hoping to get some essential items from D Market but the moment I stepped into the supermarket, the long queue at the entrance horrified me.  It was a mass gathering of panic shoppers!

Had I join in the queue, our shopping trip would take at least an hour, having to queue into the supermarket, wait at the weighing counter and queue at the checkout counter. No way was I going to risk myself getting infected doing this. I left pronto.

And I don’t see the 1 meter distancing!

We headed to 99 Speedmart instead. Crowd was not crazy but all the essential items like eggs, bread, onions, toilet papers and most canned food were sold out. Since we couldn’t get what we wanted, hubs grabbed some junk food snacks, box tissue papers and a few cartons of packet drinks for a client’s function next week.

Next stop was at our regular tai chow restaurant to get takeout lunch.  All our favorite kopitiam shops have shuttered down throughout the MCO period and the only available food for us to get takeout is this tai chow restaurant that sells chicken rice and wanton noodles. So yeah, we’ve been eating wanton noodles, char siew, siew yoke and chicken rice twice this week and starting to get bored of these.

We passed by this stall that sells the best char siew and chicken rice in our neighborhood but after seeing the queue, hubs drove away to the next shop.

Luckily we reached Sing Kee Kitchen a few minutes earlier and didn’t have have to queue up. Notice the stickers on the floor? That’s for customers to toe the line and practise social distancing.

While hubs waited for our takeaway lunch, I went to the pharmacy next door to stock up on antibacterial wipes and toothpaste.

Our haul for today, which ain’t satisfactory as we still couldn’t get eggs and onions.  Guess this will be the last time we go out together during the MCO as the Government’s latest directive is only the ‘head of household’ or representative can go out at any one time to shop for essentials.

Back home, hubs went on round 4 of Marie Kondo spree and annoyed me heaps but after the entire afternoon MK-ing my stuff (yeah, today he MK-ed my space!), I was kind of satisfied with his job.  The hubs (who’s an OCD neat freak) is the male verson of Konmari / Marie Kondo. He can execute an excellent job throwing out unwanted things (which are new and unused at times and annoy me again), clean up, arrange and transform a dirty and cluttered place into a spick and span space.  Tomorrow he is surely going to annoy someone when he MK her personal space!

He removed all the Ikea boxes from the cupboard, vacuumed, wiped and dried them, threw tons of unwanted stuff and now I have two clean empty boxes  to store more rubbish  😆

Today my poor hands turned more wrinkly and rough. I think I must have mopped the floor more than 20 times today! When the OCD hubs removed stuff from the drawers, dust flew everywhere and OCD me is allergic to dust, thus had to keep moping.

After MK-ing my space the entire afternoon, hubs fished out a packet of Twisties to chillax while he entertained himself on the phone. He bought the Twisties (and other junk food) as emergency food before the MCO started.   The second he poured the Twisties onto a plate, our 3 piranhas who seem to be deaf (or rather have selected hearing) and were engrossed with their own things suddenly had perfect hearing. The eldest who was having her siesta suddenly woke up. They darted and crashed landed next to daddy and each fought for a fistful of Twisties and stuffed them into their mouths.  This is what happens when the mother who’s a health freak forbids junk food in the house  🙄

And the packet of Twisties was polished off in under 5 minutes. Boy it tastes so good too! 🤭 I can’t remember when I last bought Twisties.

Today hubs randomly threw a few packets of junk food into the shopping cart when we were at 99 Speedmart. The girls grinned from ear to ear when we got home with our shopping loot. They are definitely enjoying their 14 days of house quarantine with their phones and junk food🤨

This is our simple dinner today – steamed kampung chicken, blanched lady fingers, stir-fried kangkung with sambal belacan, char siew and old cucumber soup from yesterday.

How has everyone been on your MCO home quarantine?

For the rest of my readers from other parts of the world who are also under home quarantine, stay healthy and stay at home.  This will soon past. Enjoy every moment that you are at home, enjoy the mornings that you don’t need an alarm clock to wake you up, enjoy the days that you can be in your pajamas the whole day.  You’ll miss this one day 😉

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