CMCO Day 144 ~ Saturday, 31 October 2020

Today is the last day of October 2020, which means that we only have two more months before we bid adieu to 2020!  With Covid-19 around for the long haul and the Government imposing intermittent lockdowns, I wonder how 2021 will fare for us.

I’ve been wondering lately whether we will get to celebrate Christmas with loved ones this year. What about Chinese New Year in February next year? When will we be allowed to travel back to Ipoh again?  Will Alycia be able to sit for SPM in early January 2021 as planned? Her school hasn’t even decided on the new trial SPM dates.  As it is now, schools are still closed in the Klang Valley.  There’re so much unknowns in the near future.

This year has been such a challenging year for our family and many other people. It’s a year that not only the whole world is fighting an immortal invisible enemy that’s constantly mutating and evolving to become even more indestructible, it’s a year that many people lost their livelihood and lives 😭.  The latest economic casualty to be hit by this pandemic is Robinson’s.  All their outlets in Malaysia and Singapore will be shuttered for good 😔.  Also announced in the recent news is the indefinite closure of all cinemas in Malaysia.

Last month, our family friend lost his battle to Shingles. Just a few days ago, another close friend was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  Today when I was reading updates on my Facebook page, I was shocked to read the sudden demise of a friend who was in her early 40s.  😢  This year has been nothing short of tragic for many of us.

Yesterday I again asked Alycia what’s her choice of degree course to pursue in university and her reply was “I’m not sure now. Let’s survive this pandemic first”.  True that.  We can only take one day at a time now. Planning ahead does not seem viable anymore now.  We’re currently still in the midst of a terrible war – WWIII.  Let’s just enjoy today because we’re not even sure what’s going to happen tomorrow, like my friend who passed away unexpectedly yesterday.

We haven’t gone out to have our meals for over 2 weeks now. Even though 5 people are now allowed to be seated at a table in an eatery, the ironic SOP states that only 2 people are allowed in a car. It doesn’t make sense that both hubs and I have to drive our cars just so our family can dine together outside… and one of us has to be seated at another table (or 3 at a table) as there are 6 of us in the family.

Hubs and I haven’t had our alone couple time for breakfast or lunch together these days, as he’s back to doing bento box delivery and must be in his shop to supervise his staff.  On several occasions recently, his staff messed up some orders.  When orders are screwed up in a food delivery business, it’s often costly and may leave a negative impression on the customer. Thus, hubs has to be at his shop to check every single order before it leaves the shop, which is very time consuming.

My breakfast today of half boiled Japanese pearl eggs / Sakura eggs:

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