Healthy Chips Made From Soy, Flaxseed, Organic Corns and Sea Salt

Here’s my latest stress buster –

When I am stressed out to the max by the girls and with work, I munch on feel-good comfort food like this.  This Food For Friends tortilla chips are made from organic soy grits, organic stone ground yellow corns, lots of organic brown flaxseeds, lime and sea salt. Not very salty  and taste good to me. I am going to grab another bag of these chips from the mini market tomorrow when I drop rascal #2 for ballet 😀

Good source of DHA and fibre from the flaxseeds. But quite costly at RM12.90 a bag…. well actually it’s only half bag full!

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Sweet Macarons From Les Deux Garcons, Taman Desa, KL

So much about the latest rave and craze on macarons, my hubs bought 2 boxes from a bakery that manufacturers fine French desserts to try. The only macarons that I had tried were the ones that my mum used to bake from left-over egg whites decades ago. Her macarons were very crispy and sometimes she would add some cocoa powder to the macaron mixture before baking them. I liked her macarons, albeit not crazy over them, as I would over cream puffs, cakes or pastries.

When I saw the brightly colored macarons, I knew instantly that they would not sweep me off my feet and bring me to macaron land. I donch like food that are heavily covered in food coloring and sugar. Nor do I like my girls to have such food additives inside them. Since my hubs had spent quite a bit on these macaroos, we all savored them. True to my expectation, they macarons were tremendously sweet.   Alycia is the only one who liked them.  This girl has a sweet tooth and likes almost everything that is sweet.

The macarons came in all flavors – green one is wasabe, pink is strawberry, brown ones are chocolate and coffee, gray one is peanut butter, turquoise one is Earl Grey Ganache and yellow one mango. These macarons would act as a great gift to someone who appreciates and enjoys fine desserts. A box of these macarons cost a whopping RM50!   I had read that macarons are very costly as the ingredients used are very costly, eg. almond powder.


Les Deux Garcons is open from 9.30am – 6.30pm (Tuesday-Sunday).
Address & tel no.
16, Jalan 2/109E Desa Business Park
Taman Desa 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 603.7980 0200
website :

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Frozen Ice Cream Puff

My brother bought a box of 6 Beard Papa’s cream puff for the girls when he went to Mid Valley Megamall.  When he reached home, he placed the box of cream puff in the freezer to cool up the cream so that we could have them for our afternoon snack in a while but we had forgotten all about it until the next morning!  I thawed the cream puff for about half an hour and when I sank my teeth onto the puff, the cream was still half frozen and it tasted just like ice-cream!  Not bad at all and my girls loved it anyway and we call it ice cream cream puff!

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More CNY Snacks

On Saturday, we bought more CNY cookies and snacks from our neighborhood road-side stall vendors:

Deep fried arrowroot chips (RM13), ‘bee hives’ (RM18, this is by far the best ‘bee hives’ biscuit I’ve ever tasted. It’s light, not oily at all and not too sweet), peanut-sesame seed candies (RM12), roasted almonds in shell (RM18).   This morning when I went to the road-side vegetarian stall to help my friend buy some cookies, I bought a canister of almond cookies (RM22). Gosh, the almond cookies taste SO SO good, every bite is almond bits!! I’ve whacked almost a quarter of the almond cookies all by myself just now over breakfast! 

Oh yes, on Sunday we were out almost the whole day.  Since I did not have much time to whip up hot piping dishes for dinner, I reheated some pork jerky (yoke kon) which I had kept in the fridge (hubs bought them a week ago).  My gals had hot pork jerky, fried eggs and homecooked ‘loh hon cai’ (vegetarian) for dinner.  They loved it so much!  Not a nutritionally sound meal (pork jerkies are terribly sweet), but taste damn good 😉

By the time it’s CNY, which is in 2 weeks’, I think my tummy will churn and turn just by looking at the CNY cookies, meat jerky and snacks hahahahahah!!

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Our Saturday

The girls had a very pleasant surprise last night when half way through dinner, daddy (a basketball buff) came home after watching a basketball tourney with a bag of goodies for them. There were 4 devil’s horns headbands, one of which is battery-operated headgear with lights, a huge plastic toy axe, 2 huge foams in the shape of high-5 hands and some balloons. These Halloween themed items were given to VIP supporters of one of the basketball teams.  Before even finishing their dinner, they excitedly wore the devil’s horns headbands and played with the balloons and toy axe.

Baby wearing the battery-operated devil’s horns headgear with orange lights.

Daddy (a huge doughnut fan) also bought 2 doughnuts from Krispy Kreme to try, which I find too sweet for my liking.

After dinner, daddy dug out his camcorder to test it as he will be using it to shoot Alycia and Sherilyn in action during their school concert tomorrow. Baby the samseng didn’t want to be left out and climbed up the dining table to join in the fun!

Later in the night, we all watched old videos that daddy had previously shot – videos of me in the hospital after giving birth to Baby, videos of Alycia’s ballet concert, Alycia’s school concert and other old videos of Aly and Sher goofing around. Everyone had a good hearty laugh watching the old videos.  Watching the videos made me realized how much and how fast my girls are growing up right before my eyes.

Daddy and my mil are now in town attending Aly and Sher’s school concert and I am enjoying the peace and serenity at home.  Baby is taking her nap but she will wake up anytime.  Baby has been driving me  CRAZY lately with her crappy crabbiness, diaper-removing rebel and heart-stopping stunts, HAIH……

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Food Glorious Food

Over the past one week, I’ve been pigging in and out quite a bit. Here are just some of the grub that I ate, bought and cooked :

Ribeye steak (well done) that I cooked with stir-fried brocolli and french beans.

Ribeye steak (medium well) that the hubs cooked, on a bed of mashed potatoes, black pepper sauce and boiled brocolli. His food presentation sure beats mine hands down. My hubs is really fastidious when it comes to food presentation. Me, I just chomp down whatever is cooked. No luxury time for nice food presentation when you have 3 kids to mind.

Pandan snow skin mooncake with lotus paste and egg yolk from Shangri-La Hotel. Nice!  Love the super soft pandan flavored skin. Price is even nicer! 

Strawberry flavored snow skin mooncake with lotus paste and cheese from Shangri-La Hotel. Too sweet for my liking.

This is ‘sar keong’ (in Cantonese) or cekur (in Malay). It is a type of root/herb from the ginger family and is also known as sand ginger. It is really aromatic. They are used regularly in Nyonya recipes. The leaves are finely shredded and commonly used in popular Nyonya dishes such as nasi ulam (Nyonya rice salad) and perut ikan (pickled fish stomach, vegetables and herbs curry). My mum planted this in her garden and brought some for me when she came to KL from Ipoh to visit me early this week.

And this is the plate of chicken which I cooked with the shredded ‘sar keong’ roots and leaves. This is one of my favorite dishes.   My dad cooks the tastiest ‘sar keong’ chicken.  I still can’t pick up his fine culinary skill and no matter how many times I had cooked this dish, it can never taste as good as my dad’s.

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Singapore Layer Cake

A visiting friend from Singapore came 2 days ago and gave us a layer cake, supposedly the most popular and tastiest in Singapore. The layer cake comes with prunes wedged in the middle and on top of the cake.

We were told that this small piece of layer cake costs over RM100!

So how did it taste? Well, not too sweet and not too rich that it will make one feel ‘jai’ very fast. I actually like it and have been eating it everyday. That’s the reason why I had to workout doubly hard at the gym today… and tomorrow too, to burn off those extra calories gained from gorging on this darn tasty layer cake!

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Light Meals For Me

As my belly is becoming bigger each day, I can only stomach light meals but frequent meals throughout the day.  A heavy meal would leave me feeling really uncomfortable and at times have slight heartburn.  After breakfast of a hard boiled egg, some fruits, a glass of fresh milk, a handful of almonds and some cookies almost everyday, I would only have appetite for something really light for lunch like Canapés with butter, chicken floss and Japanese cucumber or a piece of toast.   I really admire some preggy women who can eat a big plate of nasi lemak for breakfast,  a big bowl of noodles for lunch and a big plate of rice with 3-4 dishes for dinner.  I can never eat like this, during all 3 of my pregnancies. 

Did you have a good appetite when you were preggers? 

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Lotus Root Chips

I think these lotus root chips are a new snack this Chinese New Year as  I have not seen these last year.  I’ve seen many stalls at the pasar malam (night market) selling these for the past one month.  Out of curiosity, I asked my mil to buy me a bottle when she went to the SS2 market last week.  They taste very much the same as arrow head (ngar koo) chips.  A bottle cost RM14.  I like them and so do Alycia and Sherilyn but I only limit them to 2 chips a day, for fear they will develop sore throat. 

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Green Tea Pastry Egg Tart


 Green tea has been touted as a health beverage and it’s supposedly high in antioxidants.  Green tea has been so hyped up that it’s being used in almost every snack around ranging from green tea chiffon cakes to green tea bread, green tea ice-cream, green tea cream puffs, green tea Kit Kat chocolates, green tea flavored kuaci and now green tea egg tarts.  Hubby got some of these from Mr Cook’s @ Gardens the other day. It’s a new product from Mr Cook’s.  How does it taste?  If you’re a green tea lover like me, you’ll love it.

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Big Apple Doughnuts

We went shopping at Mid Valley and Gardens today.  When we walked across to Gardens from Mid Valley, we noticed the newly opened Big Apple doughnuts outlet.  I knew hubby who’s a big time doughnut fan would surely get some and sure enough, he queued up for 15 minutes to get himself a dozen of doughnuts.  When we left, the queue was really long. 


The durian cream filled doughnut is not too bad.  For someone who does not really fancy doughnuts, I prefer Big Apple to J.Co as Big Apple doughnuts are not as sweet as J.Co’s but still considered very sweet for my liking.

After getting the doughnuts, we headed to the newly opened Penang Gurney Drive restaurant for Penang cuisine.  The restaurant is quite impressive – it is on an individual stall concept but ordering of food is done by a captain.  The variety of food was really huge and the food was really good too.  We will definitely go there again and try other food. 

After lunch, we went shopping and bought the gals new shoes.  I also got myself 2 pairs of flat heeled sandals as my high heeled sandals are really a pain to the varicose veins on my legs.

I shall post pix of the delicious food at Gurney Drive so stay tuned….

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Lots Of Chocolates and Crackers

These are some of the chocolates, crackers and candies that my mil bought from Japan, New Zealand and Hong Kong.  Most of these expire this year, which means that we have to quickly eat them.  I don’t really fancy sweet stuff and chocolates but it’s really hard to resist when there’s so much temptation and I feel sayang that they will expire soon…. so I have been indulging in a little of these sweet treats everyday.  Hopefully these sins will not cause me gestational diabetes.

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Deep Fried Arrow Roots

The only time we get to eat deep fried arrow root chips is during Chinese New Year. Many shops and stalls were already selling these chips one month before CNY. I l bought a bottle for RM16 last week and almost finished the entire bottle by myself, with a little help from Alycia and Sherilyn who equally love these chips.

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Help, I’m Hooked On Fish Crackers!

Yeah, blame it on the baby, but I’m really hooked on stinky fish crackers. I can’t stand the smell or sight of steamed fish but funny, I love fish crackers, the stronger the taste the better, what an irony! Each time I feel like puking, the nauseous feeling will miraculously vanish after munching on a handful of this junk. I know it’s not a healthy snack but I need it to feel good. When I was preggy with Alycia, I had no appetite or cravings for anything except for Marigold HL fresh milk with birds’ nest. With Sherilyn, I was hooked on fried seaweed snacks. I have the most unhealthy craving with this baby – salty cheesy snacks, keropok, fried vegetarian meehoon and sausages (the most unhealthy food, but I try to limit it to 1 serving a week). I can only pray that my baby will turn out healthy.

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Wacky Pregnancy Hormones

My pregnancy hormones have caused turmoil to my body and my tastebuds. Food that I once loved now make me nauseous at the sight of them. I used to love fish but now, I just can’t stand the sight of fish, especially steam fish but funny, I love stinky fish crackers though. I also used to love vegetables and fruits but now, I can’t stand the taste of most of them. During meal times, I try to place these dishes as far as possible from my sight.

Do you know what I crave for now? Holy shit, I crave for junk food, especially fish crackers, Cheezels, pretzels, cheese crackers and all sorts of crackers. I try to refrain buying these junkies coz I know what harm they will cause to my unborn, but I just can’t resist salty cheesy snacks and keropok. I totally can’t stand sweet stuff, all kinds – ice cream, cakes, cookies, kuih, pastries, etc.

My supply of cheese crackers and cheese pretzels. They seem to alleviate my nauseous feelings.

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Hook To Cheese Crackers

Lately I’m really hooked to cheese crackers from Cheeze-It. I have been munching on it for days already and both Alycia and Sherilyn are just as crazy over them. Alycia even looks forward to eating her medicine as she gets these cheese crackers as treats. A box of this crackers costs RM12.30, which I find quite expensive for a small pack of snacks.

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