My Breakfast – 10 October 2017

On a rare school day morning, I skipped exercising today. For those who know me well will know that I hardly ever skip my morning exercise, unless I am feeling really debilitated like a chicken with the pip. My morning exercise is my jam, a time where I do my soul-searching and meditation. It wasn’t because I was lazy or demotivated. Blame it on the rain and a slight headache I got since yesterday. My body must be working hard to fight off the bugs that Drama Queen had picked up from school.  And because of the rain, I found a very valid reason to crawl back onto bed after sending off Cass and Drama Queen to the transporter and took an hour nap thereafter, complete with dreams, hehe!

After I got up from my nap, I did some house chores, then had my main breakfast. My first breakfast of the day has always been apple cider vinegar with honey and psyllium musk, some fruits and a glass of decaff coffee with skim milk.

My main breakfast today consists of bitter gourd omelette with a squeeze of Zoosh 1000 Island Zingy Tomato Cocktail dressing, a mug of Marmite soup, a packet of Izumio hydrogen water and half a wedge of Musang King durian snowskin mooncake from Dureeca.

Pocotee & friends Musang King durian frosty mooncake from Dureeca –  sweetness is just right, snowskin is super soft with melt-in-your-mouth texture and the Musang King durian filling is generous. The second you sink your teeth into this luxurious mooncake, the durian filling made from real Musang King durian flesh and tastes 99% like fresh durian will ooze out from the snowskin *swoon*

The box of Dureeca Durian King mooncakes are packaged beautifully in a classy box that comes with a limited edition gold cooling bag.  Click here to find out where you can purchase this indulgent Frosty Musang King Mooncake

And my confession of the day: I wolfed down the entire durian mooncake yesterday.

Dear skies, you better not rain in my parade tomorrow morning for I am hell-bent on running 40 minutes to melt away those Musang King durian swooshing in my tummy.

The Ultimate Popcorn

Of all the brands of popcorns that I have tasted, the ultimate luxurious popcorn goes to Garrett. No other brands come close to it. I love them to bits and this means inches creeping up my waist.  Garrett’s popcorns are my ultimate kryptonite.  But we don’t splurge on them often as they are the Rolls Royce of popcorns.  A medium sized bag of our favorite Macadamia CaramelCrisp costs RM34 while those in tins range from RM48 to RM232.

The hubs surprised us with a bag of Garrett’s Macadamia CaramelCrisp when he went to KLCC for a F&B exhibition last week.  I was pleased as punch!  I haven’t indulged in them for aeons.

When Cass saw me popping these macadamia popcorns into my mouth over breakfast, she crept up to me and said this to me disapprovingly, “mummy, YOU are eating popcorn for breakfast? You the Health Freak Mommy are eating popcorn? How can you?!”

Our Saturday Morning – 3 June 2017

My parents, hubster and MIL left the house at 6:30 a.m. today for the Taman Midah, Cheras wet market. My aunt (my papa’s sister) runs a vegetarian food stall at the said wet market. Today, their mission is to try my aunt’s homemade vegetarian food.  My aunt has been making her own vegetarian food and selling them at a stall at the Taman Midah, Cheras wet market for over 20 years.

Our brunch today is a kaleidoscope of colour. I love all things colorful.

Mock meat rendang, which tastes as good as, if not even better than real meat. Yums, tastes like a million dollars!

Vegetarian ‘Suen Poon Chi’ or Hakka Yam Balls made by my aunt, who is a Hakka.

The chewy ‘Suen Poon Chi’ is another must-try dish at my aunt’s vegetarian stall; she doesn’t make this dish everyday though.

Vegetarian ‘Mee Siam’ and ‘Char Siew’.  

‘Ka Heong Jai’, braised super smooth mushrooms with mock meat and deep fried mock goose.

Vegetarian cheong fun (with turnip and carrot strips), ‘choy po ko’ and ‘mei tau’ (black eye peas) cake. My aunt makes all the dishes herself in her humble home.

Since they were already in Cheras, at my request, the hubster used Waze to find his way to the Cute Cute Angku shop to get me more cutesy handcrafted angku 😋


Yummy pork balls noodles soup

A big portion of pork ball noodles for lunch later

My parents will be with us for another day before they return to Ipoh. I’ll definitely miss them a lot. 💔  I’m feeling disappointed that this mid-term school holidays, we are unable to make a trip back to my lovely hometown of Ipoh 😓



My breakfast for the past 2 days…

Day 1 – homemade banana cupcake – made with almond flour, wholewheat flour, cake flour and reduced sugar (organic fine raw sugar).  A slice of crispy sprouted wheat toast with homemade nutty jam (almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts and olive oil) and palm sugar (Gula Melaka) syrup.


Day 2 – a slice of crispy sprouted wheat bread with dad’s homemade pandan kaya.  Notice that on day 1, I ate 1 slice of toast and 1 cup cake and on day 2 only 1 slice of toast? That’s because I worked out 15 minutes lesser in the gym on day 2, thus input of calories should also be lesser – then you won’t give the extra calories the chance to attack your waistline.  Common sense 😀

And ahem… the dessert… I know it’s fattening and heaty but the durian season only comes several times in a year. So chow while they are in season! haha!

Musang King liu lian 😀

So how do we manage to keep ‘heatiness’ at bay from all these crazy durian binging?  With Izumio hydrogen water of course and I swear by it – for my kids and me!   During each durian season in the past, getting a sore throat is not uncommon for us.  Thankfully this time, we have Izumio to bring down the heatiness from the durians and crazy heatwave.  And we have Super Lutein to strengthen our immune system guards too 😀

Give me a buzz via email @ if you want to find out more on Izumio and Super Lutein.



Mommy’s Simply Whack Pizza

This is my simply whack homemade pizza for lunch today…



I used Mission wholegrain wraps as the crust and it turned out to be very crrrrrrispy!

Sauce base is tomato paste for Alycia and homemade pesto sauce for Cass.

Toppings are fresh button mushrooms, sweet corn kernels, juicy sweet cherry tomatoes and Emborg Natural Cheddar Cheese Slices.


Preparation time = 15 minutes

Baking time in oven at 160 degrees Celsius = 15 minutes

Alycia and Cass loved this simply whack, cincai pizza. I think this is anytime better than store-bought pizzas! 😛


Boxes Of Goodies

Our once yearly treat to the world’s tastiest potato snacks arrived at our door step a few days ago. The MIL and SIL would visit Japan every year. If they visit Hokkaido, they will surely think of us and get us a box or two of Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru premium potato chips and have them couriered back to us ASAP.  For someone like moi who cringe at the sight of those killer McD and KFC french fries (and all fast food french fries for that matter), I would somehow submit to Hokkaido’s Potato Farm’s potato chips.

Potato Farm’s chips look like petrified French fries. They also taste like them but are in concentrated form and very crispy. Each box has 10 packets of 18g chips and are slightly salted. Thank goodness the individual packets come in very small serving and contains only 108 calories (which I can easily jog away in the morning), else I can easily chomp away to a thousand calories when my tummy is growling with hunger or when I am stressed up. Yep, indulging in sinful snacks can help me to de-stress haha!



In the 2 boxes of parcels couriered back to us were also packs and packs of our favorite Whittaker’s Almond Gold Chocolate — in all sizes of packaging, including the latest bite-size ones.  This time, she also sent us Whittaker’s Hazelnut Slab, which tastes just as good as almond and I have been devouring on them for the past 3 days.  Fei sei lor!!  MIL bought the Whittaker’s chocs from New Zealand.



Meiji chocs, my all-time favorite Ferrero Rocher, Japanese chocs, Panettone Christmas bread, Japanese jellies (the girls’ favorite), Manuka honey and so much more goodies were in our 2 boxes of surprise.  I better not slacken in my exercise any further. During the 6-week long school holidays, I have chucked my daily exercise at the back-seat and shored up on some beauty sleep before the battle of school days begins again.  Now, I have to work out doubly hard!



Here’s wishing my SIL no. 1 and SIL no. 3 a very big thank you for all the goodies from Japan, New Zealand and Hong Kong!  Also thank you to SIL no. 4 from Hawaii for the lovely handmade gifts for us 🙂



Berry Chocolately Bread

This is my breakfast today:

Milo sprinkled on homemade wholewheat bread with sliced jumbo sized strawberries.

This is anytime healthier than char koay teow, chee cheong fun, curry laksa or nasi lemak eh? I realize that if I cut down on deep fried, oily and spicy food, the monthly zits will stop bothering my face. And my complexion glows too! So try out health freak mommy’s complexion glowing recipe of daily exercise, drinking lots of plain water, green tea, coconut water, eating a few servings of fruits everyday and ditch your junk food.  Feeding your skin with a good skin care product is vital too. One thing that I must strive to improve on is to get at least 6 hours of sleep. Still trying very hard in this area!

A Bite Of East and West

Had this for breakkie this morning…

My fusion creation of east meeting  west — homemade walnut-rye bread with Surgers butter, drizzled with maple syrup from Canada and topped with freshly grated coconut, simply wholesome and yummy!  As usual my breakfast will only be complete after downing a hot mug of Japanese matcha.

I am very much a bread person and I prefer bread (wholemeal with nuts and seeds) to nasi lemak and noodles for breakfast. What’s your preference for breakfast?

Famous Traditional Heong Peang @ Gunung Rapat, Ipoh – 189 (Yat Pat Gao Enterprise)

During our food hunt in our recent Ipoh trip, we brought the girls to visit a Heong Peang ‘factory’ in Gunung Rapat, Ipoh, before adjourning to Sam Poh Toong Caves. From the facade of the makeshift ‘factory’ housed in an attap house in one of the ‘kampung’ of Gunung Rapat, no one, absolutely no one would have thought that this tiny attap house could churn out so many pieces of traditional Heong Peang for distribution for sale all over Malaysia! It was definitely an eye opener for the kids, as well as for me! For almost 20 years, my dad has been buying Heong Peang from 189 @ Gunung Rapat. If you do not make any prior booking via the phone, your trip to 189 may be futile and you may have to leave empty handed.

A kneading dough machine in one of the rooms.

Sherilyn and Cass watching in awe how the workers knead and fill up the dough with molasses.

A worker kneading the dough and shaping them.

A tray of biscuits waiting to be placed in the ‘oven’

The uncooked biscuits are lined around the sides of the ‘oven’ to be baked, which looks like a cement well. About 150 pieces are stuck to the ‘oven’ at one time. If you stand to watch the process for 15 minutes (that’s how quick it is to bake the Heong Peang), you will be amazed to see how the biscuits get browned and skin turn flaky and crispy… and be prepared to bring along some hankies and wet wipes to wipe away your dribbling sweat!

Coconut husks are used as fuel for the fire, this is what I call authentic traditional baking method!

The biscuits turning brown and almost ready!

A batch of really hot-from-the-oven super crunchy Heong Peang outside the oven, waiting to be packed.

Save some tissue papers for wiping off your dribbling saliva too, when you see and smell the irresistible  freshly baked Heong Peang! As with most kampung styled prepared food, you just have to bear with the not-so-hygienic newspapers used to line the trays.  ‘Kar Liu’ food always taste better eh?

We bought 8 packs of Heong Peang from 189 — including 1 packet that’s reduced sugar. Some are individually packed and has a classier packaging. The individually packed ones can last longer. Some of the biscuits were for distribution to friends and the rest – we have been gorging on them everyday. Waiting to see the deadly aftermath on my scale soon as I have not been exercising everyday lately!

189 (Yat Pat Gao Enterprise)
189, Lorong Gunung Rapat 5,
31350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Telephone : 6016-560 9781 (Lew), 605-312 7033

Lunch Box For My Princess Wannabe

My princess wannabe was in a mega good mood when I let her bring this Hello Kitty lunch box which comes with a matching lunch bag to school. Inside the lunch box was fried rice, home cooked. When she came home, she told me that she walloped every grain of rice there was in the lunch box!

But if I were to put this set into Alycia’s school bag, I can be rest assured to hear a roaring “eeeyerrrr mummy, I DON’T WANT this!!”…. followed by never ending whines and complains until the lunch bag is removed from her bag, away from her sight! Sisters they are, but they have polar opposites characters, attitude, likes and dislikes.