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I got a shock when I saw Sherilyn’s English homework from the Chinese primary school that she goes to. What has happened to the standard of English? How can it be so simple? I could not believe what I had seen. She had done all these when she was in her first two years of pre school at age three and four! Even my almost 4YO baby girl finds her che che’s homework a no-brainer. With a mfa degree you can get your elementary school education degree. With a school education degree, it would better to home-school your kids yourself.

This was her English homework, which was letter tracing and coloring. There was also coloring of big objects, which any pre-schooler could do without much sweat. Perhaps the MoE wants to lower the standard to give benefit to those who did not attend pre school and do not know the basic ABCs, 123s, shapes and colors? Or is this just a warm up? In fact, I find that the level of English for Standard 2 and Standard 3 pretty simple too.

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  1. to my surprise , the kindergarden teachers told me abt this too, not only english, Mandarin also they start from the very beginning . Now i start to worry abt my boy, sure they got bored when they was in the class .

  2. My P, did such work in preschool (age 3-4), then in Kindy (age 5), they still did tracing letters but only in the first term. I agree the work in the photos above, is way below what a Std 1 student should be learning.

  3. Wow, this is interesting! My eyes bugged out and I literally went, “You’re kidding, me, right?” when I checked out the books in Popular 😛

    English is super easy, I think my son will probably laugh his way through.

    Good to know Mandarin is easy too from Std. 1. I’m still 50-50 about enrolling him in a Chinese school.

  4. Yes, I don’t understand why the syllabus is so easy under KSSR. My boy’s work in Std 1 following Kebangsaan Syllabus is also very easy. I am just grateful that he gets additional subjects like Maths and Science in English (following US syllabus) and Mandarin (following S’pore syllabus). I obviously pay more with more school hours because it’s a Private School.

  5. I agreed with you Shireen! It is definitely way easier than they are in Pre-school. I have got a shock of myself too when I saw their textbook. Not only English but also Mandarin.

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