I Am Katsaridaphobia!

I have a confession to make as regards my fears.  Among fear of heights, I am Katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches) and am also a wee bit entomophobia, i.e. fear of insects with flappy wings! I fear roaches so much that I would have bad dreams about it every now and then. Yes even at this old age! Recently, I found out that my eldest daughter does NOT have this phobia and YAY, I am mega relieved!!  And happy!  Coz my soon-to-be 9YO daughter will be able to save me from the mental torment of facing  those ugly and stinky creatures that invade my peace and privacy everyday.  Though I keep my house clean, yet these ugly pests find it a pleasure to pay it a visit everyday… and at the places that I least expect them to be like on our dining table or the tray that we place our toothbrushes (the monster’s favorite hideout somemore, eeeeweeee!!!).

Just this morning, Alycia saved the horrified situation by using just a few pieces of toilet paper to catch that bronze creepy creature creeping on our toothbrushes (EEEWE and FREAKS!!!) with her hand and swiftly flushing it down the toilet.  Once done, I was uber proud of my baby and gave her a pat on her shoulders and said “good job Alycia!” while breaking out in a silly yet relieved laughter, LOL!!

I read that one of the ways to overcome the phobia of cockroaches is by exposing oneself to it!! I don’t think I can do it. For someone who is mentally strong (for those of you who read my blogs, you’ll know what I had gone through with Cassandra), I have to succumb to those ugly, stinky creatures and run to grab the can of bug spray while screaming the moment I see the most feared pest!

Anyone here has a phobia of roaches too?

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13 thoughts on “I Am Katsaridaphobia!

  1. hands up!! I am one who has the same fear.. I will make sure my brother ‘kill and show me the corpse’ before I enter the room again.. or I will use the whole bottle of insect spray to ‘kill’ it..

  2. Hope the gadget that Roy bought would ‘save’ you from future torture of these pests. It’s an electrical gadget that you simply plug into any home outlet. This turns your home’s wiring into a pest repellent force field which will discourage rats, cockroaches, lizards, etc. from coming into your home! Please refer to my FB for the illustration.

  3. hahaha.. such a funny post. Well, you are lucky that Alycia is able to save your day …

    I grow up in a kampung area, so I am so used to seeing siew kiong and others … one good thing of growing up in a kampung ..

  4. oh i am scared of cockroaches too but i don’t get nightmares…muahhhahahha. pls share the gadget that your mum mentioned, ok? other creatures that freak me out are lizards and rats!

  5. I’m also a clean freak like you and I don’t understand why my house is still infested with cockroaches (those tiny ones). Luckily I’m not afraid of them and would kill/smash them with my bare hands (faster ma).

    I’m “Scoliodentosaurophobia”… super terrified of lizards!! Haha :p

  6. Shireen, you are NOT alone. I’m fearful of cockroaches, and lizards. Not so much of insects or bugs. I remembered during our courtship days, one day my hubby was talking to his future FIL (my dad) and I was somewhere in the kitchen. Suddenly I yelled out really loud at the sight of a lizard. I froze, waiting for immediate help but none came until what seemed like eternity. In the meantime, I heard my dad told my then-bf that “Don’t worry, it’s nothing much… just a lizard that’s all”…

    Hhmmpk. Thankfully, hubby has now gotten used to killing off lizards and cockroaches in the house, even the maid (where she come from, geckos are at least 6 inches long) has learnt to earn brownie points from me by doing the same.

    Alycia is such a wonderful child! Does well in school, minimal fuss and now she’s a saviour when it comes to household pest! Oh btw, I think it’s inevitable eventhough your house is uber clean, because of the drainage and million hideouts in, ard and outside your condo.

    Unless, eco sense can do something? If yes, I’d like to know too!

  7. Oh ya, I’ve tried electronic gadgets like what your mom said, and it doesn’t work for me. The bait works, but it’s equally unpleasant to chance upon dead cockroaches, worse step on them! But that’s only temporary I guess. I rate that the most effective still.

    For ants, just get the ant poison.

  8. Irene, I shall try Sol U Botanical and will let you know ya! Meantime, I think I’ll try the electrical gadget and the roach paper house lor, which btw only seem to attract lizards!

  9. me! and yes, i can get nightmares too. and you’re so lucky that Alycia is so brave. cant say the same for my girls yet (i blame my phobia from my mom coz she used to scream and jump at them when we are young and we followed suit) so i always remain calm in front of my girls although screaming inside! lol!

    hubs my hero for now… 😉

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